120 million XRP have just been transferred from Bitstamp and Bithumb to anonymous wallets

100,000,000 XRP were moved from the mysterious whale

According to a report from Whale Arlert, a major cryptocurrency tracking account, there has just been 120,000,000 XRP - worth about 40 million USD, which has been transferred from large exchanges to anonymous wallets.

Source: Twitter Whale Arlert
Source: Twitter Whale Arlert

Whale Alert has shared data on two huge XRP transactions. One transaction totaled 60 million XRP, and the other traded 59,999,750 XRP.

Deposit points are cryptocurrency exchanges Bithumb and Bitstamp, according to analysis website Bithomp providing detailed information on XRP transactions. One of the destination wallet addresses is named LBIclient, the other is anonymous.

However, this move does not seem to have an impact on XRP, as the token price is still above $ 0.30 after the recent rally, and is trading at $ 0.33 at press time.

Support more than 70 countries

Cross-border payment company Ripple has released an overview of the status of the network, including new details on the XRP remittance platform.

Support more than 70 countries

The company says its network of banks and financial institutions currently spread over 70 countries. On average, a new country is added to the list every week. In addition, Ripple said the on-demand liquidity platform (ODL) - using XRP to transfer money, is thriving.

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