Binance Cloud will allow users to launch a cryptocurrency exchange within 5 days

Binance Cloud will allow users to launch a cryptocurrency exchange within 5 days

Binance's newly released Binance Cloud platform may be slightly different from what the crypto community expects.

After founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) first hinted at the launch of Binance Cloud on February 8, the new service was launched on February 17, the project will allow users to set up set up a separate cryptocurrency exchange, according to one posts on Binance's blog.

All-in-one infrastructure to launch a cryptocurrency exchange

According to the announcement, Binance Cloud will act as an "all-in-one" infrastructure platform to help customers and partners deploy digital asset exchanges based on technology, security, and bar. as well as Binance's leading depository service. The solution also supports control panels for money management, multilingual functionality, and a variety of trading pairs and coin listings.

Binance's exclusive cloud solution also provides users with a way to set up cryptocurrency platforms in their local markets. Binance Cloud's features include the spot and future cryptocurrency markets as well as peer-to-peer fiat-to-crypto exchange services, notice notice. In the future, Binance Cloud plans to add more features such as staking, OTC trading services, and issuing tokens with the IEO platform.

Binance Cloud will allow people to launch an exchange within 3-5 days

Discussing the Binance Cloud in an interview with CoinTelegraph, CZ outlined that the new service will specifically target any locations that Binance has not yet covered. CZ said that the Binance Cloud will allow those there to run their own exchanges in local markets far away from Binance "both financially and culturally or just in-depth knowledge."

Binance CEO also told CoinTelegraph that Binance Cloud will allow any partner to deploy an exchange within 3 to 5 days in case if the "other preparations are in sequence". According to the initial announcement, the first major digital asset exchange fully powered by Binance Cloud will launch in early March 2020.

Binance Cloud is in keeping with Binance's mission to "unlock" cryptocurrencies for everyone

CZ also pointed out that Binance Cloud is the first of its kind, claiming:

"Binance Cloud is a set of products that have been lacking before in the market (...) We would love to share the quality experience of Binance through different brands, communities and markets across the globe."

In response to CoinTelgraph, CZ was uncertain about the first person who came up with the Binance Cloud idea, other than that it was not actually him. The CEO added that the origin of this initiative is not as important as its implementation. CZ emphasized that the Binance Cloud aims to allow people access to cryptocurrencies and contribute to global adoption. CZ says:

“We want to help more of our partners gain access to cryptocurrencies, so others can do this with us in giving people access to cryptocurrencies. So the idea behind Binance Cloud is that we want to provide a platform - where others can help us enable access to cryptocurrencies. So that is really the idea behind it. ”

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