Bitcoin's annual capital inflows reach $ 727 billion, which can beat Visa after the upcoming halving

CME Bitcoin futures trading volume reached a new record

Bitcoin (BTC) has processed a total value of 1% of global GDP, and this number is still increasing by an "exponential" after each halving cycle.

According to statistician Willy Woo - who analyzed data from the monitoring resource Coin Metrics, Bitcoin's capital inflows are $ 727 billion per year.

BTC handles $ 727 billion per year

This figure accounts for nearly 10% of the total payment transactions of the giant payment company Visa - Visa processing $ 8.8 trillion in transactions.

“Bitcoin's capital inflows (also known as annual investment rates) are now growing by a massive (10x) every 4 years,” Woo wrote on Twitter.

According to statistics, Bitcoin will "catch up" to Visa sometime after its next halving cycle, starting in May. As Toiyeubitcoin reported, smaller fiat operators like PayPal were left behind - in 2018, PayPal processed a total of $ 578 billion.

Bitcoin's 1-year adjusted trading volume. Source: Coin Metrics
Bitcoin's 1-year adjusted trading volume. Source: Coin Metrics

Woo acknowledges that Bitcoin data is an estimate and may include movements between cold wallets held by the exchange - which will not constitute actual transactions. Turnover payments between wallets, as well as multi-step transactions with multiple steps, have been excluded.

Small wallets hit a record high

This impressive statistic of Bitcoin appears when the number of Bitcoin wallets with low balances reaches a new record high, which shows that more and more private investors are experiencing cryptocurrencies.

Follow Glassnode, currently the number of wallets with balances greater than or equal to both 0.01 BTC ($ 101) and 0.1 BTC ($ 1,080) has reached an all-time high.

Bitcoin wallet growth, from 2009 to the present. Source: Glassnode
Bitcoin wallet growth, from 2009 to the present. Source: Glassnode

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