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Alcohol concentration is one of the basis for Traffic Police can detect people they suspect that they have been drinking but still drive through the use of alcohol blowing machine.

Since the decree 100 ND-CP was issued, then wherever people go, people talk about the bottle and bottle. Many closed Group also posted the closing instructions, the shops / pubs also started selling small alcohol blowing machines but the quality was unknown.

That's why in this article I will try to check the alcohol content with a website made by a drinking programmer's home !!!! It sounds very interesting, isn't it? 😛 Please join me to find out in this article!

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Blood alcohol testing support website

As I said above, this is a website named by a programmer Duong Thanh Hop created with the hope that everyone will have a convenient tool to use during the Tet holiday without having to meet some friendly traffic police officers directly to make measurements. He shared:

"I'm also a drunk (about 5 cans), so I understand the aspirations of the brothers, as a true coder, I have to build the toy by myself to use, but the accuracy is high. With great determination, in the evening I built the alcohol content measurement website, I tried 3 times and the accuracy was 96.69%. ”

As you have shared, you completed this site in a single night, very quickly, aren't you - but of course it is only the core, and it will take a little more time to complete the present. another time 😛

And now the site is complete, can be used well on all platforms, to start using, you visit this is the main interface Web's.

Note by Admin: I would like to get your code Duong Thanh Hop Make a tool to measure the alcohol content. Because I find it quite interesting, and I want to store it permanently here. Thank you!

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The first thing you need to do is fill out the information requested on this site, you will have to choose your gender, age, drink beer or drink, how many cans to drink - unfortunately there is no bottled beer for him I choose: v, how many cups….

In particular, there are many types of wine as well as beer for you to choose, comfortable ha: V, enter all the information then click the button ĐO to check the results.

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The estimation process is very fast and as you can see, the measured result will be:

  • The total amount of alcohol / beer cup consumed.
  • The amount of alcohol left in the body.
  • Blood alcohol content….

Parameters to impose fines, time to eliminate all alcohol from the body and finally a pretty "cute" recommendation from the author of this tool. With the results as shown below, the old police cars caught me too!

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That said, the results are not really accurate and only an estimate, because the results of blood concentration measurement are also influenced by many other factors such as genetic factors, condition. your health and habit of decoy or going out too ...

In a nutshell, if you want to accurately measure the alcohol content, you can meet some friendly CGSTs for free measurement or you can buy the device to measure yourself at home 😀 And to make sure, you guys should obey the law If you drink a car, don't drive alcohol okay 😀!


So I just got together with you to try one Web site for measuring alcohol content It's quite interesting for a funny DEV guy. How do you feel about it?

Leave your comments below this article, and don't forget to share this article so many people know about it. Wish you happy and always remember that "Drinking without driving"Dentist!

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