Cardano's Shelley has a record of more than 1000 pools and 11.3M ADA is stake on testnet

Cardano has taken a leap forward for his online growth. From establishing many strategic partnerships at Davos WEF 2020 to opening new avenues in an effort to bring commercialization in the ecosystem, Cardano is on the rise.

The Cardano ecosystem is focused on maintaining and enhancing the Shelley Testnet Incentivized (ITN). The progress made in terms of ITN is enormous. IOHK's communications director, Tim Harrison, recently synthetic The latest ITN statistics show that Cardano has reached 1,046 registered pool stakes, of which 87.2% are registered by the Cardano Foundation.

In addition, with 672 active pools, Tim stated that 11.35 billion ADA is being stake on the testnet.

“A lot of performance improvements have led to an increase in uptime - but there's still work to be done. We don't rest on our successes, for even a minute, and efforts to improve stability and performance are ongoing. However, the progress so far is a remarkable testament to the commitment of the Cardano community, growing in number and passion every day. ”

Entitled "Shelley Incentivized Testnet: the story in numbers," Harrison's blog also revealed feedback from Cardano hodlers and pool stake executives, collected over the past three weeks in an effort to be more transparent. Data on community support and trust growth are still positive.

Shelley Cardano ADA 2

Source: IOHK | Community feedback

In terms of network stability performance, the response was positive after the second week of the ITN launch. However, the figures are declining. In addition, community feedback on satisfaction with rewards was also reported to be positive.

Shelley Cardano ADA 3

Source: IOHK | Community feedback

Previously, IOHK co-founder Charles Hoskinson revealed the expected date for the Ouroboros BFT (Ouroboros Byzantine Fault Tolerance) hardfork advertised as the first step towards the Shelley stage. Hard forks are basically a way to transfer protocols from the Byron phase to the Shelley phase.

Cardano's partnership with PwC is important

As revealed by IOHK CEO and co-founder Charles Hoskinson, the group is in the transition from a very scientific and technical perspective to a commercial perspective. And while Cardano has been introduced to a whole new group of businesses, the role of an expert in the PwC industry will be crucial.

The process of working with the professional service network PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) basically focuses on creating a new commercial strategy.

According to him, IOHK's previous approaches through various collaborations have been cracked and incomplete.

Prior to the launch of Shelley and Goguen, the Cardano team realized that the same commercial strategy was needed, that is, to seek all the existing synergies between organizations, and to classify disagreements or philosophies. reason, as well as the words of complaint.


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