Craig Wright continues to joke: "Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash owe me more than $ 100 billion."

Believing Bitcoin SV to be the 'original Bitcoin chain', Craig Wright claimed that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash stole his $ 100 billion.


Dr. Craig Wright, supporter of Bitcoin SV

The latest charge of ‘faketoshi’ Craig Wright was ridiculed on Twitter for being extraordinarily ridiculous. Although there does not seem to be any hope, Wright currently makes retroactive requests for BTC and BCH. Obviously, these coins owe him money.

BTC and BCH owe Wright $ 100 billion due to contract breach?

Wright stated that both BTC and BCH are not 'forks'. Instead, they 'violate the contractual rights to the database'. This unreasonable reason has been shared recently by WhalePanda.

"Faketoshi just won a gold medal in mental gymnastics this year."

Wright states that Bitcoin basically cannot fork. Moreover, he supposed that BTC violated the contract right before Bitcoin SV existed.

In Wright's world, Bitcoin will never fork because it is a 'contract' obligation under Wright's control. Any attempt to fork the network will be sued for theft against Wright, which sounds as if BSV is his personal bank and not a decentralized peer network for value transactions.

Cliché threats continued

However, the absurdity of 'faketoshi' did not stop there. Wright's accomplice and CoinGeek owner Calvin Ayre recently tried to intimidate Twitter CEO Jack about adding a Bitcoin emoticon: “BTC is now Bitcoin and lawsuits on this matter will come soon. ... ”. However, a user said that it was only "the most clichéd threat in history".

For Ayre and Wright, BCH and BTC caused financial difficulties due to being born before BSV. So, following this twisted logic, they should pay for 'real' Bitcoin first. The delusion is so grand that he trusts Jack and everyone will feel fear of the iconic BTC lawsuits.

Luckily, no one in the cryptocurrency industry threatened or made such a silly request.

Thuy Trang

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