How to add review sliders to your website


How to add review sliders to your website - Want to display reviews from you on your website? Google Review is the most important asset that businesses are able to use online. Whenever someone searches for a business on Google, they will immediately see the review.

These reviews are out of 5 stars and anyone has the ability to leave a review for your business. If you work hard to achieve a 5 star rating, you definitely want to show that with the WP Google Review Slider plugin.

In this article, we will show you how to add reviews to WordPress with the WP Google Review Slider plugin.

Reviews from customers are very important

Everyone wants to make sure they are getting the best service and the best price when they shop. Reviews give shoppers the opportunity to get a quick glimpse of the quality of service they will receive.

As a business owner, your job is to do everything within your power to ensure that your customers will be satisfied. Unfortunately, unhappy customers are more likely to leave bad reviews. Then it will be a real problem.

Most people see reviews before they make a purchase. This means a bad review can potentially destroy a business.

However, you have the ability to display the best rankings on your side, even helping improve SEO from you by displaying reviews from Google in WordPress.

Install WP Google Review Slider

WP Plugin Google Review Slider you are allowed to display reviews through the use of sliders or grid view. You also have the ability to choose to show only the highest ranking from you, potentially highly effective in persuading someone to stop.

Get started by clicking on Plugin and then selecting the New Add option on the left admin panel.


Search for WP Google Review Slider in the available search box. This will pull in additional plugins that you find useful.


Scroll down until you find the WP Google Review Slider plugin, then click the Install now button and activate the plugin to use it.


API key information

On the left admin panel, click WP Google Review and select the option to get Google Review.


The first option is very important. You can choose to use the default API key that the plugin has or you enter the key from your own. When testing the default API key, we were able to say that it exceeded the daily call limit agreed by Google.

This means the plugin will not work until the limit is reset as well as it will happen often. Therefore, you should use your own API key.

You can get 1 on Google Developers.

However, you need to include payment information to get. Fortunately, Google offers a $ 300 credit at the time of this writing. For small businesses, this will take you very long time depending on the amount of traffic you receive.

If you're not sure how to get the API key, don't worry, the plugin has a great page with a very detailed video illustrating how to do it.

After entering the API key from you, click the API Experiment Key button.


If you receive an error message, you probably have exceeded your daily call limit or there are no billing addresses in your account. The plugin will not work if you encounter an error.

Do not move on to the next step until this is resolved.

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Setting up the rest from the settings is actually quite easy. The next three settings are all related to location from you. You will need the location from you. Set ID from Google maps.

If you're not sure how to get one, don't worry. You can enter the address from you here and get the location ID.

Fill in the appropriate information in the location text box.


Below this, you have the ability to choose the minimum rating the plugin will display. For example, if you select 5, only 5 stars rating will be displayed. However, if you don't have any 5-star reviews, nothing will pop up.

Choose the best option for your website.


Next is the AutoFetch option. With this plugin get the latest 5 reviews as well as the most helpful every day.

You should check the box because it keeps the rating displayed only, but the choice is from you.


Finally, you have the ability to enter the language code. With this product the word you are allowed to appear in languages ​​other than English. It is completely optional but is still worth using in some cases.

If you're not sure what the language code looks like or want a complete list, you can probably find it all on the developer FAQ page.

Click the save button when you are finished.


Click on the Review List tab. Here you will see the full list of all reviews that the plugin has taken.

If you upgrade the version, you will be able to manually select plugin reviews.

Add review slider from Google

Now that all the settings have been set up and the review done, it's time to actually create and then add a slider for WordPress.

Click the template tab and click the add a new form review button.


Here, you have the ability to choose the settings that will determine the presentation and interface. Browse through them and choose the best option with the website.

Once done, click the save button.

To display the slider, click the Concise Source Code button next to your newly created template.


A small popup will appear with shortcode. Copy shortcodes and paste wherever shortcodes are allowed in WordPress. This is possible at posts, pages, or sidebar text widgets from you. You should add it to the homepage because that's where visitors will see it first.

Good reviews always motivate customers to care about your service

Having a series of good reviews is a great way to be profitable in your business. A lot of people are always looking for new places to eat or shop. With good reviews making them feel good about the choice from them, you should encourage customers to leave reviews.

In fact, 70% of customers will leave a review when asked to do so. The more reviews you have, the better. However, it also becomes against you if the rating is not good.


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