How to enable WordPress for users to report inappropriate comments


How to enable WordPress for users to report inappropriate comments - As we know, we cannot prevent inappropriate comments on our WordPress website. So we have to adapt and devise ways to deal with inappropriate comments.

Of course, the definition of what is not appropriate varies depending on the website as well as the audience. Automatic moderation of comments is difficult. It requires a lot of interaction from humans.

Letting users and visitors on your side report inappropriate comments in WordPress

You probably don't have the time or resources to monitor every comment made on your website, so it makes sense to have your users flag the comments they feel are inappropriate.

Similar to how moderators keep peace at a forum or discussion group, users and visitors on your side have the ability to warn you about inappropriate comments in WordPress. You benefit from participating with them and they feel they have an input in how to manage the website.

It is a mutually beneficial and good outcome for the whole.

Install the Zeno Report Comments plugin

We were a bit surprised that few plugins were built for the purpose of reporting user comments. There are several plugins available and we will use the Zeno Report Comments plugin.

Log into your WordPress admin panel.

Hover the navigation to the left column via the Plugins link, then click Add New.


In the search field, enter Zeno Report Comments.


When determining the plugin, click the Install button now.


Once the plugin has installed, click on the Activate button online.


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Configure the plugin

The Zeno Report Comments plugin does not add links to your admin panel navigation. You enable it by scrolling through the Online Settings link in the left column navigation and clicking on the Online Discussion link.


Scroll down to the Allow flagged comments section, then check the section Allow your visitors to flag inappropriate comments.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the save button.


Now if you scroll down to the part that is allowed to flag comments, you'll see some new options.

  • Flagging threshold - this setting controls the number of user reports needed before a comment is set to Pending status (remove it from public view). You must change the default setting 0 to number from 1 to 100.

  • Notice to administrator side - control whether you and another webmaster receive an email when a comment has been sent for moderation. This is when it reaches the number of flags you have specified in the Flagging threshold.

  • Notice to administrator side - control whether you and other administrators receive emails whenever users or visitors mark comments. If you have an active website with lots of comments and expect lots of visitors to flag comments, you may want to uncheck this option to avoid getting flooded with emails.


If you make any changes to the settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the save button.


How the plugin works

The plugin adds a ‘Report Comment’ link next to the Reply online link on each comment.


As you will see, the link is incorrect and beautiful by default. However, a few lines placed in Complementary CSS for your theme are likely to fix that.

For this tutorial, we only copied the font attribute for the Reply link and added some margins to separate the link.


When users report comments, the ‘Report Comment’ link is replaced with text, thanks for your feedback.


When the number of reports for comments reaches the flagging threshold, it is set to Pending. This removes it from public view. At that time, like any pending comment, the administrator approved, edited or deleted it.



As we mentioned at the beginning, not many plugins have been created specifically to allow visitors to flag comments. In this article, we introduced the extremely useful plugin, Zeno Report Comments. So we hope you can put it to work on your WordPress website.


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