How to use custom fonts on WordPress website


How to use custom fonts on WordPress website - Using custom fonts on your WordPress website (or any other website) is likely to be a complex and annoying task. Things like converting fonts to web formats, uploading files and updating CSS files will take time.

However an easier way to use custom fonts. We will highlight a WordPress font plugin called Use Any Font, which makes it easy to have custom fonts, running in minutes.

Pros and cons of custom font sides

Custom fonts are great, but they have a few drawbacks.

If your font files are large, they will have a negative effect on page load speed. Not to mention the fact that not all web browsers support all types of fonts. This is followed by a difficult issue of rights and licensing, which we will talk about later.

Custom fonts will show the purpose or aspirations of the website. The New York Times magazine redesigned a few years ago, including the use of new typefaces to give the website a literary feel.

Most magazine and newspaper websites use custom fonts to distinguish competitors.

But you are not a major publisher to benefit from custom fonts. They are capable of helping you put any typical website to extraordinary.

Web fonts also help websites use unique custom fonts, it is not only a strong difference but also a valuable design tool.

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Use custom fonts on your WordPress website

WordPress has many plugins that help connect you to a free web font collection like Google Fonts. The Jetpack WordPress plugin also has an integrated Google Fonts option.

But if you want to use custom fonts, you need a plugin that is allowed to upload fonts to WordPress. That is the Use Any Font plugin.

Using Any Font is very simple and free to use for fonts. If you want to use multiple custom fonts, you will have to pay for a premium API key.

Install it and we'll show you how easy it is to set up.

Log into your WordPress admin panel.

In the left column navigation, hover over the Plugins link and then click Add New.


In the search field, enter Use Any Font.


When determining the exact location of the plugin, click on Install Now.


After installing the plugin, click on the activate button.


Configure the plugin

In the left column navigation, click the Use Any Font link.


In the API keyword section, click on the test API key button.


The API key appears in the API key field.

Click the verify button.


In the font upload section, click the add fonts button.


Enter a name in the font name field. For your reference, will be all you want

In the Font File section, click the file selection button. Select the font file.


For this tutorial, we are using the font created by handwriting, we have the right to use it wherever we want.

When the font file is selected, click on the upload button.


In the Assign font section, click the Assign font button.


In the Assign font section, select your font from the drop-down list. Then select the element you want to apply.


Scroll down and click the Assign Font button at the bottom. Please keep in mind that the Asign Font button at the top will not save the selection.


Now your website will use custom fonts with whatever element you have specified.


Make your website stand out

Okay, maybe you don't want to use something unusual like a handwritten font with all the text on your website. But different fonts really make your website stand out.

However, there are costs for the difference, you don't want that cost to slow down your page loading process much. If your website has a slow loading speed after making custom fonts, look for another font style.


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