How To Use Special Characters In WordPress


How to use special characters in WordPress? - Are you looking for ways to help use voice in WordPress? To do so, you will need to use special characters. These include symbols that you won't find on the keyboard like mathematical symbols, etc.

Fortunately, WordPress comes with this built-in special character, which means you won't need any additional plugins to do so. However, there is a possibility of confusion when using these characters for the first time.

For this article, we will show you how to use language markers on WordPress for both Gutenberg and classic editors.

Why use special characters?

Special characters serve the purpose, to make the content from you look more professional.

You have the ability to add foreign currency symbols such as Euro (€) or Pound (£), which will be necessary for overseas business. Popular math symbol series are also available for use.

Whenever you use special characters, it will always make the content from you more accurate.

Activate the editor

If you do not have a toolbar available to display character symbols, you can enable it in WordPress.

Just click the toolbar switch button.


Also note that if you have TinyMCE Advanced installed, the special character button will be enabled by default. If not, you can quickly add it using settings from TinyMCE Advanced.

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Gutenberg method

Gutenberg is the default editor from WordPress. Unfortunately, the editor does not put this in a clear position. You might expect the special icon to have a shortcut in the paragraph block, but not.

Instead, need more classic blocks. To do so, click the + button and then select the classic block.


This is essentially a classic block editor. Click the special characters tool.


You will now see the full list of built-in special characters that you can select by clicking.


Of course, there is a second way to add special characters. If you are comfortable writing in HTML, you can easily create language accents in WordPress.

Add HTML block in Gutenberg. With HTML, you have the ability to add a lot of icons to your content.

Classic method

If Gutenberg is turned off, the classic editor will be used. Unlike Gutenberg, it is easy to find special characters.

Get started with the visual editor. If you've looked at the Gutenberg method listed above, you'll realize that the classic block is really just a visual editor in the form of blocks. So it is exactly the same method, but much clearer.

In the classic editor, click the Special Character tool.


Like Gutenberg, just click on the special character you want to use, it will be inserted into your page or post.


Additionally, you have the ability to use the Text editor. With the text editor you have permission to enter HTML. You will be allowed to enter special characters HTML thanks to this chart.

Use them only when needed

The whole advantage of special characters is that it improves the quality of posts from you. Therefore, it is important to only use special characters when needed. Their abuse will quickly reduce the impact and in many cases is not necessary.


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