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As you all know, QR CODE is gradually replacing the types of codes, barcodes in electronic payments, as well as login, account confirmation or product registration, brand ...

In the previous article, I have shared with you how to create barcodes with Word or Excel extremely quickly, simply without having to install additional software or use any other tools.

To continue the unfinished topic, today I would like to continue to share with you How to create QR codes in Excel? by VBA Code. This trick will assist you in encoding characters or website links more easily, more secure ...

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#first. How to create a QR code with Excel

+ Step 1: First, open your Excel application. Here you enter the code or URL, or whatever you need to create a QR code CODE

=> Then open the Developer tab => and select Visual Basic. Or you can use keystrokes Alt + F11 to open VBA to compose code fast.

how-to-create-code-bang-excel (1)

+ Step 2: Dialog box Microsoft Visual Basic for Application showing up. Here you open the tab Insert => and select Module.

how-to-create-code-bang-excel (2)

+ Step 3: Then please copy the code below….

Private Function pic_QR (ByVal QR_Value As String, ByVal Target As Range, Optional ByVal Size As Long = 150) As Shape
Dim sURL As String
On Error Resume Next
If Len (QR_Value) Then
sURL = "" & Size & "x" & Size & "& cht = qr & chl ="
sURL = sURL & QR_Value
Set pic_QR = Target.Parent.Shapes.AddPicture (sURL, True, True, Target.Left, Target.Top, Size, Size)
End If
End Function
Sub Main ()
Dim shp As Shape
Set shp = pic_QR (Range ("A2“) .Value, ActiveCell)
End Sub

... .. And Paste into the dialog box Module1 (Code) as shown below => Then adjust the QR code object reference cell at the location where you have entered the data => then press Run to execute.

// Remember to replace cells A2 by your corresponding position.

how-to-create-code-bang-excel (3)

Yes, right after you click Run to run, when you return to that Excel file, you will see a QC code appear like this.

how-to-create-code-bang-excel (4)

+ Step 4: You can save this QR Code by taking a screenshot of your computer and Crop it to fit the size you want is done.

#2. How to create a QR code online

In addition to creating QR codes in Excel, using online tools to create QR CODE is not a bad idea either.

+ Step 1: You can access the link here. And select the QR Code tab => enter the character / content / or URL ... you need to Convert to the box Donnees.

how-to-create-code-bang-excel (5)

+ Step 2: After entering the code in the box Donnees => then you click Sauter to convert.

how-to-create-code-bang-excel (6)

+ Step 3: Immediately we will get the results of the QR code as shown below. You can press the button Télécharger Download this QR code to your computer easily.

how-to-create-code-bang-excel (7)

Note: In addition to the website I introduced above, there are countless websites that also support the creation of QR CODE, you can refer to the following pages:
……………. there! Many friends!

# 3. How to read / scan QR code to show results

Tips for iPhone: If you are using an iPhone, you can scan this QR code extremely easily without using any tools.

You open the Camera => and scan into QR CODE that will produce the results soon 😀


There are many applications that support QR CODE scanning. However, I will guide you to use the Zalo application immediately to scan, because I find that Zalo application is used quite popular in Vietnam.

Perform: You open the Zalo application on Smartphone => click to select icon 3 dấu chấm => then select the icon QR CODE as shown below.

how-to-create-code-bang-excel (8)

Now the QR code scanner appears => you just need to turn the camera into the QR code so that the Smartphone will automatically recognize and return the results at the dialog box. Thông báo is done.

how-to-create-code-bang-excel (9)

For example, in the image below, we get the result in a floating pop-up window.

how-to-create-code-bang-excel (10)

# 4. Epilogue

Okay, so I just gave you very detailed instructions How to create QR code CODE in Excel, as well as How to create QR CODE online Very simple way then.

At this point, my tutorial would like to pause. Hope this tip will be helpful for you.

Good luck !

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