One million UEFA football tickets will be sold via Blockchain by 2020

One million UEFA tickets will be distributed via Blockchain by 2020

Football fans in Europe will join the ranks of blockchain adopters soon thanks to a new initiative of the European Football Federation (UEFA).

Follow notification On February 17, UEFA will distribute over 1 million football match tickets via a blockchain-enabled mobile application. The organization claims that this new retail system will help "enter the stadium smoothly, safely and securely."

The new blockchain-based mobile ticketing solution aims to prevent duplicate and duplicate tickets with "QR codes are only activated by Bluetooth when fans are near the stadium." The app will be available for download in May for both Android and iOS devices.

Tickets will be delivered to fans no later than 7 days before the match and UEFA is expected to provide over 1 million mobile tickets for fans on all 51 matches. UEFA has decided to adopt this system in an effort to facilitate the distribution of tickets to more users in the context of the UEFA trophy expected to be the highest demand ever.

UEFA also stated that the sale of digital tickets will help limit paper consumption and make it more convenient for football fans:

“Backers who buy tickets to‘ Follow My Team ’will only receive mobile wallets when their team is eligible for a specific match. The ability to provide mobile tickets to fans nearing tomorrow will significantly speed up the journey for fans, as they will no longer have to go to ticket collection points to exchange ticket vouchers. ”

The initiative builds on the successful implementation of the mobile ticketing system in August 2018 for the UEFA Super Cup football match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid held in Tallinn, Estonia.

Tickets are sold on Blockchain

Many sports brands and event organizers are turning to blockchain to sell tickets, as the technology promises to be a highly effective way to prevent tampering and ensure convenience.

As Toiyeubitcoin reported in December 2019, Sandy Khaund - vice president of Ticketmaster's product division, said that the technology could prevent the secondary ticket market from appearing and ensure that "tickets will be in their hands." right".

EventChain CEO and founder, Ashton Addison, told Cointelegraph:

“The whole point of blockchain deployment in the ticketing industry is to bring equity to artists, event organizers, and fans. For example, one major problem facing the industry is fake tickets. Blockchain can prevent this by allowing ticket buyers to verify the authenticity of their tickets. This also turned tickets into scarce digital assets, which couldn't be doubled. ”

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