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Customers with online shopping trends are no stranger. But not all businesses have a thorough solution to meet this demand. Facing with the urgent situation of ongoing epidemic, hindering shopping activities. This is a stopping point for businesses to look back on their investment problems. Not only to adapt to the present but also to prevent for the future.

Customers in the 4.0 era tend to prefer to buy online

Save time, do not need to leave the house to buy the necessary products, diverse choices, easy to compare prices, many attractive incentives, ... That's a series of reasons mentioned explain the current online shopping trend.

Online shopping is a habit of many users
The trend of online shopping is favored by convenience

But not only is it "convenient enough for the road", but in situations where traditional buying channels are challenged like when diseases break out. People are restricted to crowded places, people are closed to prevent it. At that time, only online channels met the shopping needs of people.

SARS or Corona - the two most typical names that affect the global economy, reduce purchasing power. Because people minimize leaving home and do not participate in any activities outside. Specifically, in 2003, $ 40 billion was the number that the global economy lost when the SARS pandemic occurred. At that time, China's GDP was holding 8.3% of the world. But now China accounts for 20% of world GDP and is directly affected by the Corona disease.

Corona boom is affecting economic and social
The outbreak of disease made purchasing power decline

In recent days, the Chinese people 'closure' to prevent epidemics has not only affected domestic purchasing power. This action also affects other countries. Typically, countries with a large number of tourists from China such as Thailand, Japan, Korea or Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, ...

These are just preliminary numbers showing the immense impact of a disease or any other factor that interferes with the traditional shopping process of customers. Houses are closed, people are closed and movement is restricted. If customers do not have food, necessities and preventive equipment in stock, how will customers buy them? Today may be SARS, Corona but in the future there are similar unforeseen problems.

You can see the solution from how to deal with the disease in different countries (source: Vtv Newspaper)

In Vietnam during the epidemic season, motorbike-hugging technology has fallen into a state of few hoes. Meanwhile, drivers of food delivery online "could not keep up".

Or the Singapore Ministry of Education has been required to publish the results of the online exams.

And e-commerce, already-developed online shopping is now more powerful. It is time for every business to act now to prepare and be ready to respond to unexpected fluctuations. In the era of 4.0, customers must be shopping anytime, anywhere regardless of the product. Businesses need long-term and more serious investment to both promote the overall development of the business and to make backup plans as soon as other sales channels are at risk!

For all fields, converting and expanding to online are indispensable things to do immediately to meet customer needs. Whether you are a business familiar with traditional business practices, change your mind now! Because there have been millions of businesses that have grown steadily with online businesses. They even expanded to new successful services.

Online trends are increasingly popular when the disease outbreak
Online shopping is booming at the hot spot of disease

What steps for businesses to develop online business?

To successfully penetrate online businesses, businesses also need to have specific strategies and investments in the right direction. And the starting point is building a core foundation for every customer experience - the website.

Typically, almost every business owns its own website property no matter what the business is in. But to get started with every online activity that takes place on your website, you need to optimize your website. This is a place for business representatives and customers to interact directly to learn information and purchase. Therefore, you need to create the best experience from the interface to the content. To provide value to customers, you can retain them and drive purchase activities on subsequent visits.

Besides, the combination of different online marketing tools will attract a large number of potential customers.

For example, a business in the medical device (or other industries) needs to invest in SEO in a long-term strategy, in order to optimize marketing costs while still properly accessing a range of shopping needs. At the same time, businesses can also promote advertising activities in the early stages or during the current outbreak of epidemics.

During the expansion into this online, you should regularly create activities that stimulate the online shopping process. From there, gradually forming a habit for customers to buy goods on your online channels. When Online and Offline go together, it will create sustainable development for businesses.

Businesses gradually shift from offline to online
Converting from offline to online requires the right investment orientation

Note, this transformation step is not only performed separately in attracting customers, but gradually needs a backup plan to implement for all activities from internal to external. For when any problem occurs, businesses will respond quickly.

For example, the outbreak season is unexpected and all units must work from home. At that time, businesses need to ensure that everything is still going as planned, meetings are still happening or customers need to be taken care of through online communication channels. So, if you don't take steps to prepare in advance, your work is likely to be stagnant, leading to the risk of pulling your business down.

Therefore, every business needs to prepare all contingency plans to face challenges at any time.

The outbreak of the disease though creates many risks for businesses before a serious decline in customer spending. However, you need to grasp the market situation and invest properly. So when the epidemic season is over, the moment customer demand explodes again, you can respond in the best way. Application of online channels in "external" and "domestic" activities is an inevitable step that every business needs to invest now!


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