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Every time you install a new web browser, you will use it in Guest mode for the first time. Similar to when you use the computer in the strokes, this mode you can browse the web as normal, but can not view nor edit the browsing records.

Guest Mode (guests) and Incognito (incognito) are the two modes that Google Chrome offers users so they can browse the Web more privately.

So if you are a person who often lends computers, how to Automatically turn on Guest mode when using Chrome here? - If you are interested in this issue, let me learn how to do it in this article!

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#first. Differences between Guest mode and Incognito mode (incognito)

Guest is a private browsing mode like incognito mode but it still has something different to distinguish it:

1.1. Guest mode Mode

  • You can let other users surf the web in Chrome on your device, but they can't view or change your profile information.
  • When you close the browser, all your browsing activities in this mode will be completely deleted from the computer. Therefore, when you open Chrome again in Guest mode, it will be like new, like you have just reinstalled the browser.
  • This mode is suitable when you use a public computer or if you are using someone else's device.

1.2. Incognito mode - Incognito

In this mode, Google Chrome also does not allow saving browsing history, cookies, forms, search history, etc. however, it will be kept in mind during your browsing. And after you completely shut down the browser, that information is also deleted.

When browsing in incognito mode, your activities may still be visible to the Internet service provider you are using, the pages you have visited, etc.

You can browse privately, where in guest mode, browsing history, cookies and form fill data will be deleted when you exit incognito mode. But the downloaded documents and bookmarks will be kept. Therefore, people who use your device cannot see your activity.

=> In short, if you want to browse the web in the most private and confidential way, you should use Guest Mode on Chrome.

#2. Guest mode setting is the default mode when opening Google Chrome

Note: Firstly, please upgrade Google Chrome to the latest version first.

Opening the mode of Guest browsing manually on Chrome is quite simple, you just need to open up the browser => click on your thumbnail Avatar in the right corner of the screen => and select Open Guest Windows is done.

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Or like this:

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And if you want to have Chrome automatically open Guest mode every time you start the browser from an off-screen shortcut….

+ Step 1: Right-click on the Google Chrome icon on the Desktop => Select Properties

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+ Step 2: In the new window that appears, switch to the tab Shortcut so we have Google Chrome startup settings.

At this Shortcut tab, click on the section Target and add the following code -guest. Remember, there is a space before the sign - Please.

"C: Program Files (x86) Google Chrome Application chrome.exe" -guest

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+ Step 3: Click OK, got it or Apply In order to apply the changes, these changes will require new Administrator rights.

A window appears saying that you need Administrator rights to perform the action => click Continue to agree to grant permissions ..

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Accomplished ! So from now on, every time you open the web browser, the default mode you use will be Guest always offline.

Open up and see the results as shown in the image to succeed. If that fails, you need to check the version of Chrome because this procedure requires you to use Google Chrome 77 and above.

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Okay, so I just taught you how to set up Automatically open Guest mode on Google Chrome and that.

This is a pretty cool trick on Google Chrome, so you can browse in Guest mode quickly without having to perform manual operations to convert.

When you do not want to use anymore, just delete -guest in section Target go is okay. Hopefully this little tip will be useful for your usage. Good luck !

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