Vitalik Buterin shares about Ethereum 2.0, DeFi and the community at ETHDenver

Vitalik Buterin denied that he would leave Ethereum

Speaking at ETHDenver on Saturday - an annual blockchain hackathon conference held in Colorado, Vitalik Buterin - co-founder of Ethereum, shared his views on decentralized finance (DeFi), the development of Ethereum 2.0 and the whole Ethereum community kit.

As for DeFi, Buterin said that as it continues to grow, the simplest products will get the most users.

"I think the most used DeFi applications are the simplest ... stablecoins, synthetic assets, decentralized exchanges," he commented.

As for the Ethereum 2.0 theme, Buterin expressed his optimism about the launch date, adding that he "thought that ETH2.0 had certainly gone ahead pretty quickly and steadily over the past few months."

However, Buterin also noted that while Ethereum 2.0 is being tested and developed, new scaling solutions, such as rollups, are emerging to provide more space for Ethereum to continue its development. development.

"I hope that ETH2 will be released soon ... but even if it takes five years, the rollup will give us more time until the shending goes live," he said.

When asked if Ethereum could exist without him, Buterin shared two views. From a technology perspective, Buterin said that Ethereum "certainly can" exist thanks to the contributions of new researchers to Ethereum. From a social perspective, Buterin was not very sure.

"I tried to get the community to argue," Buterin said, adding that he was ready for much of the community debate, such as whether to unlock the money stuck in multi-signature wallets of Parity or not.

"There is certainly evidence that the community can solve its problems," he concludes.

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