Warning: OneCoin's shambles are promoting upcoming events on Facebook

Warning: OneCoin scam is promoting upcoming events on Facebook

Incredibly, the OneCoin cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme is still going strong in Asia. The famous scam is scheduled to host a 4-day event in Japan and is promoting it on Facebook.

The shameless onecoin is still public

OneCoin is known to be one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history, with an estimated illicit profit of $ 4 billion to $ 15 billion worldwide. This project was created by Dr. Ruja Ignatova and Sebastian Greenwood.

Ignatova began missing in 2017, after several countries prosecuted members of the Onecoin scam. Until now, the owner of Onecoin has not been prosecuted and is still outlawed. Many other Onecoin participants have been arrested in regulatory raids in 22 countries.

Despite the global crackdown on law enforcement, it appears that the scam is still operating in marginal markets - places where there is no strong law enforcement, or there is a high levels of corruption.

Japan, TOKYO DealShaker EXPO-2020

TOKYO DealShaker EXPODate: FEB / 23rd, 2020Time: 10: 00-15: 00Place: TKP Garden City Shinagawa 【MASTERMIND】 Date: FEB / 22nd, 202013: 00-17: 0013: 00 OPENING, Katsuyuki Tajima (Lang: Japanese) 13 : 30 Comming Soon14: 00 Boonchai Chantarokorn (Lang: English, Japanese translation) 15:00 Comming Soon 16: 00 Simon Le (Lang: English, Japanese translation) http://dealshakerjapan.com/tokyo2020/enhttps://youtu.be/fOY4gelnahI

Submitter: OneCoin Mongolia on Thursday, January 30, 2020

Dealshaker - a reputable website for advertising for Onecoin is currently sponsoring an event of Mongolia Onecoin and Japan Dealshaker, scheduled to take place on February 22-24, 2020.

It's amazing how a scam has been prosecuted and shut down in 22 countries, and still be able to operate openly in a well-regulated and developed market like Japan.

What's even more surprising is that they are publicly promoting on Facebook - a social media platform that has cracked down on cryptocurrency scams and advertised scams in the past.

Please do not fall victim to this scam

For anyone who can attend this event, we recommend that you consider carefully before participating and say no to any investment. This is also one reason that Facebook ensures that scams like this are not sold to retail investors through their platforms.

OneCoin also operates under the name Onelife, and remains popular in developing countries such as Latin America, Asia and Africa. OneCoin / OneLife may still operate in these developing economies due to weak or non-existent legal controls and high levels of corruption. OneCoin has extra money to use to bribe officials and avoid prosecution.

But the most surprising thing remains when it comes to seeing Onecoin operating in Japan, as Japan is a thriving and tightly controlled global economic leader, often with severe penalties for early investments. from fraud and fraud.

Onecoin became a topic of discussion when the US government arrested Mark Scott - a former lawyer who helped Onecoin wash $ 400 million from this fraud. Scott is currently on bail and awaiting trial.

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