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Do you like manual or algorithmic photography? In your opinion, what is the future of smartphone photography?

Smartphone photography is a strange race, with no stopping points. This is always a comparative topic in the tech community, and mostly there are 2 opposite ideas as follows:

  • Some say that taking good photos requires good optimization software / algorithms.
  • The rest think that taking good photos requires great hardware.

So what will a smartphone need to take photos that are more beautiful, more professional? Yes, if you've ever asked the same question, why not find out in this article?

#first. What software and hardware do I want to talk about?

Photography hardware That image is the sensors and the flash. A phone can have up to 5 rear cameras, such as Nokia 9 Pureview, or have a huge 108MP sensor like Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro, etc.

Similarly, a device may have up to 1 or 2 front cameras, because more probably will not do anything.

It may also have a single or dual flash on the back, and there may also be a front. The OIS or EIS stabilization mode is also something that affects the quality of smartphone photography, or even the lens.

What about the software? Those are image processing algorithms after reception. For example, the Google Pixel 1 camera font removal algorithm, OPPO's flawless smooth face beauty algorithm, the video stabilization algorithm with 2 cameras on Samsung Galaxy Note 10, etc.

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So what is it that users need more and should companies develop to compete?

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#2. Software and hardware: Which one is better?

I will always affirm: It's software / algorithm!

Not to mention post-production, just consider the image obtained immediately after shooting, then to get a satisfactory picture: For good hardware, then we will need to manually adjust parameters such as white balance, iSO, shutter speed, focus range, messing things ....

Yes, this does not seem suitable for people who are blind in photography 😀 And for smartphones, which are not a specialized device for photography, this is even more common.

Similarly, manual adjustment will take a lot of time. It may only be a few seconds, but this may cause you to miss the moment you want to record.

And if you had to adjust your hands to shoot, everyone wants to buy a professional camera, right?

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The natural fact that users believe in the ability to take manual photos of smartphones is due to the ability to capture hegemony from Windows Phone and the huge hardware from the Sony photography boss.

While the world from only 2MP sensor, 5MP, 8MP, 12MP, ... Sony has equipped its Xpeira Z Series with up to 25MP sensor.

But when they realized this was pointless, they gradually reduced the sensor resolution on the Xperia. And until now, Sony's Xperia 1 only has a 12MP sensor.

Windows Phone also produces very detailed photos, even in uneven bright areas, and is capable of exposure up to 30 seconds. Very Pro always, but still asleep.

As for algorithms, at first most machines only have algorithms that recognize the type of scene you're shooting, and color drag or noise reduction.

It wasn't until Google Pixel came out with the algorithm to erase a camera font, the ability to capture nightly illumination and capture astronomy, then the new companies began to open their eyes. But it seems the Chinese guys are still preferring to follow the hardware.

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# 3. Conclude

When taking photos with a smartphone, do you usually adjust your hands or simply take them? and are you satisfied with the quality of the pictures you have taken with your own hands?

Please leave a comment about your experience below the post!

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