12 powerful WordPress plugins to grow your email list 3 times

Are you looking for the best WordPress mailing list plugin to grow your email list?

Maybe you want a basic plugin to create an opt-in form. Or, maybe you need a fully featured list builder plugin that offers advanced features like split test, magnet distribution or multi-step form, etc.

There are many plugins on the market but which one should you choose?

In this post, you'll discover the best WordPress email list building plugins on the market - broken down by categories.

We will first look at email subscription plugins, then we will look at landing page plugins and other types of opt-in form plugins.

And finally, I will share recommendations for different use cases.

Ready? Start.content

The best WordPress email subscription plugin

Want to add opt-in forms to your WordPress site? No problem. These WordPress plugins help you easily capture emails.

1. Leads thriving

Thrive Lead is the most featured WordPress email subscription plugin on the market.

This powerful plugin allows you to design and deploy opt-in forms using a drag and drop editor. Customize one of more than 60 included templates or create the perfect opt-in form from scratch.

Then choose how you want your form to be displayed. You can set certain types of forms to appear based on exit intent, time on page, or many other types of triggers.

And, you can display forms on specific posts and pages or through categories, tags, etc. and create forms specifically for mobile and desktop.

You can run A / B tests to find out what converts best for your audience. Copy a form to test copy & design changes, or test different types of forms for maximum conversion.

Thrive guide also gives you insights and insightful analysis so you can understand how your form is performing and where your highest conversion traffic comes from.

Thrive led main features:

  • Supports almost all types of participation options - More form mobile-specific form, 2-step form, popup, in-content form, post post form, slide, widget, content lock, ribbon, etc.
  • Integrate custom API and HTML forms - Most email providers are supported. Custom HTML forms provide a way to connect anything that is not supported.
  • Enhance conversions with SmartLinks - Display different content for those who have subscribed to your email list. Great for increasing product sales after people join your mailing list.

Price flourished led:

Plans start at $ 67 for 1 year of unlimited support and updates. Or buy their membership pack to unlock all the other plugins (including quizzes, landing pages, title optimization and more).

Find out more in our thriving lead review.

2. ConvertPro

ConvertPro is a popular WordPress opt-in form plugin from Brainstorm Force. The same company behind the Astra Theme and Schema Pro plugins.

With this plugin, you can deploy a variety of opt-in form types using a drag and drop editor. And take advantage of many targeting & behavior activation options.

You get the types of access forms you expect, such as popovers, widgets, slides, etc. As well as more advanced types like with / without forms, multi-status, and content locking.

You will find support for a wide range of email service providers like Mailerlite, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, SendinBlue, GetResponse, MailChimp and more (see the full list).

ConvertPro is a modular plugin. What does that mean? While it is loaded with useful features, you can disable those you don't need. This will improve your website performance.

Modes you can disable include likes reporting, A / B testing, email integration, etc.

For example, the advanced targeting function allows you to create forms that target specific countries, all EU countries or countries outside the EU. You can also target specific devices like mobile phones and desktops.

Key features of ConvertPro:

  • Click advanced rendering operations - The widest display activation option I have found in a plugin. Including page time, inactivity, scrolling to CSS classes, exit purposes, and more. They can be stacked and configured groups.
  • Advanced targeting function - Make sure the right people see the appropriate forms on your website. Target form to specific pages, posts or categories. Geographic targeting is also available.
  • Modular plugin design - Disable features you do not need to improve website performance.

ConvertPro pricing:

$ 99 for unlimited websites. Their agency package is $ 249 and includes access to all their other products including Astra Pro, Schema Pro, etc.Get ConvertPro

3. ConvertBox

ConvertBox is a hidden gem in the world of prospect creation tools. It is a SaaS platform directly connected to WordPress.

Over the years, I've been testing a lot of tools designed to create email signup forms but this is the simplest user interface I've tried.

I can go from opening the editor to publishing a form in minutes. There aren't many templates to choose from, but the ones available look great.

You can create several different types of forms - sticky bars, pop-ups, slides, and full page forms. New features are added regularly and content types are already in their development roadmap.

You can run A / B split testing quickly by copying an existing form, showing the forms that the URL you choose or exclude (or categories and tags if you have the WordPress plugin installed their.)

There are several targeting rules you can use including device type, location, URL strings, referring websites, and more.

What stands out all the way is an easy way to set up multiple choice forms where each answer can assign subscribers to a different tag / group / list - which is extremely powerful when it comes to Use for email segmentation channels.

Key features of ConvertBox:

  • Integrate custom API and HTML forms - Most email service providers are supported, but if not yours - you can use their custom HTML form options.
  • Advanced display and targeting options - Display the form when the user is about to leave, on the stopwatch, click the link, etc. Then choose exactly which page and which targeting option (location, referring website, etc.) you want to use.
  • Real time analysis - See exactly how your form and split tests are working. You will not only see potential customers, views and conversion rates but also see interactions.

Conversion price:

$ 395 lifetime supply is available for a limited time. Support 500,000 monthly impressions and 50 websites. After that, it seems to cost $ 99 / month. Unfortunately, we do not have ETA when their prices will change

4. Bloom

Bloom is a fully featured list builder plugin for WordPress, created by the team at Elegant Themes.

Use this plugin to add 6 different types of registration forms - including pop-ups, widgets, fly-ins, below post forms, inline forms and content locks.

There is no visual editor or even live preview as you get with ConvertPro and Thrive L manual - but the editing is very simple to use.

You have access to a lot of templates, but most of them look quite similar. Unlimited email accounts can be connected and have custom HTML form options for any provider without direct API integration.

Good analytical function and targeting feature is included.

Main features of Bloom:

  • Simple editor with many templates - This is not a drag and drop editor but it is very easy to use.
  • Analysis of integrated forms - Everything you need to track performance.
  • Advanced targeting - Display opt-in forms on specific pages, posts, and categories. Exclude from specific pages as needed.


$ 89 / year for unlimited websites and access to all other Elegant Themes products. Includes popular Divi themes, social sharing plugins, and more

5. WP Registration

WP Subscriber is an extremely lightweight free form opt-in plugin for WordPress.

This plugin is free and designed as simply as possible.

Just install and activate, then go to your widget page and add the widget to any widget area you like.

It's pretty limited, but if you just want to add basic opt-in forms to widget areas - that's probably all you need.

There is a pro version of this plugin that provides the option to change the color, show the exit intent popup, etc.

WP Registration of the main features:

  • Support for some email providers - Currently, MailChimp, AWeber and Feedburner are supported.
  • Simple forms of participation - Easily add an opt-in form to widget areas on your WordPress site.
  • Pro version adds features and integration - This includes additional integrations for MailRelay, Mad Mimi, MailPoet, Mailerlite, GetResponse, etc.

WP Subscriber price:

FREE. The Pro version costs $ 29 per site or $ 59 for unlimited websites.

6. WP Notification Bar Pro

WP Notification Bar Pro makes it easy for you to add notification bars to the top or bottom of your WordPress site.

You can choose to display the registration form in the notification bar or you can display the text & button associated with one of your landing pages.

You can also display text, link to your social profile or timer.

This plugin allows you to choose the location on your site in your notification bar and to whom it is displayed.

For example, you can choose to show only certain bars on mobile devices, while hiding them on desktop. Or you can create specific bars for Search Engine Visitors.

Priority can be set in the case of multiple bars displayed on a page - this ensures visitors don't see multiple bars.

Only one free version This plugin can be used to link to landing pages or display custom content but has no opt-in form functionality.

Key features of WP Notification Bar Pro:

  • A / B split test - Discover what converts best for your audience.
  • Fundamental analysis - Track the notification bar your visitors are clicking.
  • Support most popular email providers - This includes MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, Campaign Monitoring, Continuous Contact, ActiveCampaign, Benchmark, Sendinblue, Drip, ConvertKit, Mad Mimi, etc.
  • Some kind of bar - Participation form, timer, text, buttons, social profiles, etc.

WP Pro notification price:

$ 29 for a website. Unlock unlimited websites for $ 59.Get WP Notification Bar Pro

7. MailChimp for WordPress (MC4WP)

As you can guess from the name, MailChimp for WordPress Help you connect your WordPress website to your MailChimp account.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add opt-in forms to your site and you use MailChimp - this plugin is a great free option.

It's a little limited in terms of big features but it adds some smaller features that other plugins don't offer.

For example, you can add a tick mark to the registration of group boxes on the comment form, registration form, WooC Commerce payment page, etc.

You have complete control over the form fields and can easily customize the colors to match your website brand.

Key features of MC4WP:

  • Easy way to add opt-in forms - Quick integration with basic customizations.
  • Click to register the tick box feature - Add a tick box to comments, signup forms and more.
  • Unique integration with other popular plugins - Integrates well with WooC Commerce, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WPForms, BuddyPress, MemberPress, etc.

The best landing page builder for WordPress

Using a dedicated landing page is a great way to get more email subscribers. They are ideal for paid traffic and they convert much better than your blog's opt-in form.

These WordPress plugins make it easy to create email capturing pages, sales pages, and other channel pages.

I highly recommend that you check your post on WordPress landing page plugins, but here are my top picks:

8. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is one of the best landing page plugins on the market. With drag and drop editor and themed template sets, it's ideal for creating email capture pages.

With this plugin, you get one of the best visual editors around giving you the ability to customize freely. Includes option to change the way pages are displayed on mobile devices. For example, you can hide certain elements from mobile devices.

Start your landing page from the beginning or one of more than 270 landing page templates.

Templates include webinar pages, course pages, signup form pages, sales pages, etc.

Main features of the thriving Architect:

  • More than 270 landing page templates - Grouped into themed sets so you can build sales channels with consistent branding
  • Build landing pages faster with page blocks - Build an entire page in minutes with pre-designed content blocks.
  • Deep integration with other thriving Topical products - When you use other plugins like Thrive Lows, Thrive Quiz Builder and Thrive Comments - they appear as elements to add to Thrive Architect.
  • A / B split test add-in is available - Although you can use a free tool like Google Optimize, instead, using this add-on is much faster. Get the flourish Optimization package - including core plugin and split test utility.

Architects thrive:

9. OptimizePress

OptimizePress is a converter that includes a powerful plugin to build landing pages and sales channels.

If you've heard of OptimizePress before - forget everything you've heard.

With version 3, their entire plugin has been rebuilt from scratch.

OptimizePress now has the fastest editor I've tested. It is from both a back-end and front-end download perspective. And from a UX perspective, it beats out a lot of the SaaS platforms I've tested.

It comes with lots of templates for all its own types of funnel pages and WordPress themes allowing you to add opt-in forms to your site - instantly.

At higher packages, you have access to scarce plugins, funnel builders, and more.

In future updates, we will see A / B testing and analysis added to the channel builder, a long section with the payment builder add-on.

OptimizePress key features:

Main features of OptimizePress:

  • More than 100 landing page templates - Create all kinds of landing pages & channel pages with these templates.
  • Page sections - Similar to Thrive Architect page blocks, you can add pre-designed content blocks to speed up the design process.
  • WordPress theme - Include a customizable topic with the opt-in form function.
  • Funnel maker - Create entire sales channel easily. Channel types include launch channels, list funnels, webinar channels and more. Only available on Suite packages .

10. Leadpages

Leadpages is a customer creation platform potential with great landing page builder integrated directly with WordPress.

Because Pages is a SaaS application, it stores all your landing pages for you. You can host the landing page on the URL of the Main Page or you can use their WordPress plugin to integrate it directly with your website.

There are over 100 landing page templates you can customize - including email capture pages, lead generation pages, sales pages, webinars, etc.

What I like about Trang is its convenience and simplicity. I can manage landing pages on multiple domains from a single dashboard and run A / B testing with a few clicks. Then their report shows me how my pages are working.

Other potential leads include alert bars, pop-ups, and LeadLinks. The main page also doubles as a website builder.

Main features of the main page:

  • Lead conversion assistant - This tool evaluates your landing page and provides suggestions as you build it.
  • Distribution digital assets - Provide lead magnets to your subscribers with this useful feature.
  • Payment builder - Integrated stripes easily.
  • Integrated A / B test - Run experiment split quickly and view analysis to track performance.

Main page price:

Standard plan starts at $ 25 / month when paying annually. If you want split testing, be sure to get the Pro package for $ 48 / month when paying annually.

Other email capturing plugins for WordPress

In addition to adding email capture forms and creating landing pages, there are a host of other unique ways to grow your email list.

In some cases, these plugins will also help you increase traffic to your site.

11. The puzzle maker thrives

Thrive Quiz Buildermakes it easy to create viral puzzles that generate traffic and email subscribers.

Quizzes are one of the most underrated types of content you can create. In fact, a friend of mine used viral riddles to generate more than 5,000 monthly visitors on an entirely new site - with a small audience.

They quickly create and integrate social sharing. You can then take advantage of all the traffic you receive to create your email list.

Just choose a puzzle template (build the list in this case), customize your pages and add your questions and answers.

And the powerful analytics lets you see exactly how your puzzles are performing and where people are dropping off.

Main features of Thrive Quiz Builder:

  • Show personalized offers to your readers - Instead of guessing what your readers want, you can ask them. Then provide suggested content based on their answers.
  • Segment your email list easily - This is important to get the best performance out of your email list.
  • A / B testing checks key stages to enhance conversions - A / B splash page test, opt-in portal, opt-in form and results page to increase performance.
  • Integrate with popular email providers - Thrive has many API integrations for popular vendors like ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit, Mailerlite, etc.

Pricing Thrive Quiz Builder:

$ 67 for unlimited updates and 1 year of support.

12. RaffPress

RaffPress is a powerful free donation plugin that can be used to increase traffic, social media followers and email subscribers .

Back when I was managing a marketing company, gifts were one of my favorite marketing tactics to use for new customers.

With minimal time and effort, we can significantly increase traffic, social followers and email subscribers. Free tools are a powerful motivator and virus sharing are integrated during the entry process.

And, you don't need to pay for prizes. Just reach out to the brands in your niche and ask them to award them. In return, they will receive the brand and you can set additional input methods like following them on Twitter.

With RaffPress, you can quickly set up your own gifts by using pre-made templates. And allow all kinds of entries - join your email list, follow your social profile, answer a question, etc.

You can choose to embed your giveaway on any page or create a giveaway landing page.

Key features of RaffPress:

  • Create gifts quickly - Simple user interface allows you to create gifts in minutes.
  • Embed your giveaway or use the landing page - If you don't want to create a new post / page on your blog, RaffPress can create a distracting free landing page.
  • Integration for popular email providers - You can use any API integration, connect to Zapier or use a custom web form.

Price of RaffPress:

Plans start at $ 49 / year but email integration requires Pro package of $ 99 / year

How to choose the best WordPress mailing list plugin for you

The best WordPress mailing list plugin depends on your exact needs and what you are trying to accomplish.

It's also worth considering what your needs might be in the future because you can save a bit of trouble by getting a plugin with more features now.

I have included some specific suggestions below (click below to expand):

What is the best Opt-in plugin for WordPress?

If you are looking for a thriving solution - see ConvertPro.

What is the easiest to use Opt-in plugin or tool?

ConvertBox is undoubtedly the most sensible tool I've tested for opt-in forms.

What is the easiest plugin to create a landing page focused on conversions?

OptimizePress is one of the best drag and drop editor


Building an email list becomes easier when you have the right plugin for the job.

The WordPress mailing list plugins listed above will help you collect emails, generate leads, build landing pages and more.

You will be able to take advantage of advanced features and strategies that will significantly increase your email subscription conversions.

So now it's time to get started. Choose a plugin and start building your email list.


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