8 best WordPress Popup plugins 2020 you need to know

Optimizing conversion rates is the number one priority for most digital marketers. Attracting and ‘connecting’ a loyal follower in the future can be an art form - one of the best obstacles for us.

Fortunately, there is a huge amount of tools to help you achieve your goals; Especially in the WordPress community. In this article, we will explore the cream of plants.

More specifically, we will dive into the world of popup plugins. Once we've done that, we'll move on to discover how you can get the most out of your new pop-up plugin and maximize conversion rates on your WordPress site. Let's crack!

What is a Popup Popup?

Optin popups are a proven way to convert visitors into loyal followers. Optins allows visitors to enter contact information to sign up for a newsletter or request more details on a specific topic.

Popups what do you say? But they are as annoying as hell, right? Marketing tools may It's tiring - no doubt - but in the hands of a great fisherman, the right bait may be the key to his or her success. Just friend Only you can decide whether the result is worth the method or not. As stated, let's be frankly exploring the top popup plugins for WordPress.

There are a large number of WordPress popups available and sorting wheat from rice hulls can be a slightly tricky prospect. Thankfully, we've done the heavy lifting for you with the carefully reviewed selection below.

1. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups for WordPress

Ninja Popups is a customizable popup maker for WordPress. With this plugin, you can easily create pop-ups on your website to subscribe to newsletters, social followings, suggested or related items, and more.

Pop-ups are a great way to catch readers' attention, and Ninja Popups makes it easy to add custom pop-ups to your site. The plugin gives you a lot of great popup options, mobile ready, fully translated and full of features. Add a content lock popup until readers register or share. Or add pop-ups for special offers, discounts, or coupon codes. The possibilities are endless. One of the neatest features is the stats Ninja Popups provides to show you which pop-ups are helping and walking.

Need more popup design options? Get an expansion pack! The plugin author has created an additional theme package for those who need a bit more variety. If you run a lot of promotions or want to use different designs for each type of popup, an expansion pack would definitely be helpful. But since it only needs a few extra dollars, just add it to your toolkit for a later date.

2. Popup Maker

Popup producer

Popup Maker is a plugin that allows you to put any content you can imagine in your popup. In addition, it is integrated with many features such as:

  • Popup opening animation
  • Complete positioning and size control
  • Build topic
  • Scrollable content and more

3. Bloom


Bloom is a very attractive plugin from rock stars at Elegant Themes. It's also premium, so you get what you pay for - a quality product. Regardless of how you plan to add an optin form to your site, Bloom has loads of great features built in to make the creation process easy:

  • Six types of easy optin; like pop-ups, fly-in and widgets
  • More than 100 starting patterns
  • Easily import and export to share with your other websites
  • Track statistics to track your conversions
  • And more - check out our Bloom reviews to learn more

4. Popup - WordPress Popup

WordPress popup

Popups - WordPress Popup is a powerful popup plugin that has been downloaded more than 60,000 times and is proud to increase your followers by 40%. Features include:

  • Many display filters to distinguish user habits
  • Options when to show or not to show popup
  • Settings for location, time and offline
  • Short codes for social networks

5. PopupAlly

Popup Allies

PopupAlly is great for expanding your number of subscribers. This WordPress plugin allows for quick customization of advanced professional registration forms, even if you have no code knowledge.

  • Compatible with most email marketing systems
  • There is a professional option with premium support available
  • Provide step by step instructions to get up and running
  • Free 30-day course to help you build your list

6. PopUp By Supsystic

Download Popup by Supsystic

PopUp By Supsystic allows for easy, unlimited creative design to get more subscribers and followers on social networks.

  • Responsive ads with friendly options
  • Custom themes
  • Exit the popup to catch the lost visitor

7. Opting into Samurai

Plugin to join Samurai

Create beautiful participatory Popup forms in WordPress with Samurai involved. Opt-in Samurai is another premium plugin developed by Intense WP that allows you to create beautiful opt-in forms for your WordPress site.

It comes with more than 100 pre-designed opt-in forms with customizable images and text details. All opt-in forms are fully tested to meet and display perfectly in all devices. Along with all the features that Opt-in Samurai provides, it also includes 20 specific sidebar opt-in forms.

Create unlimited forms and send leads data to the 19 most popular email services including MailChimp, Aweber, Receive Feedback, Continuous Contact, iContact, Vertical Feedback, FreshMail, Vision6, Customer. io, SendinBlue, SendGrid, DotMailer, Campaign Monitoring, Campaign Activity, Infusion Soft, Sugar CRM, HubSpot and Mad Mimi. Subscription data is also stored in your local WordPress database. Therefore, you can export to CSV right from the opt-in Samurai Dashboard. Detailed statistics show you the most conversion types along with impressions / views.

Participating Samurai can also send your leads directly to Sugar CRM self-hosting. Besides the pop-up form, the forms can also be placed directly on the page (without pop-ups) in case you want to display the registration form in the middle of the content with a shortcode. The plugin's dashboard gives you detailed breakdowns of the forms that are driving the most views and conversion forms. Opt-in Samurai is one of the user-friendly plugins out there to set up your opt-in popups. Not only that, the plugin supports both pop-ups that welcome and exit purpose. And you can also specify cookie expiry dates for each popup.

8. Ninja Optin

Ninja Optin

Optin Ninja is a premium WordPress Plugin designed in a way that will help you draw new email subscribers. Collect email addresses and store them in the local database, use autoresponder via API key or use any custom forms. The plugin allows you to use a one-step or two-step process to convert visitors into subscribers.

Each content box can be styled differently. Laminated pages can be customized in detail; use standalone pages or open them in pop-ups, customize backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc. If you want to try different options, Optin Ninja allows you to create simple A / B tests that can help you decide which method to use.

The plugin is easy to install and works well with most WordPress themes and plugins. Check out the plugin demo to preview all the great optin page demos and to see real screenshots of analytics charts, autoresponder, design options and over 300 graphics included.


After selecting all the plugins, customizing popups and writing newsletters, how do you know any of these tools are working? Although the magic formula will be out for many millennia to come, there are some experiments that most experts agree will actually produce the desired result. This comes in the form Test statistical hypothesis .

Testing the statistical hypothesis is absolutely nothing for a large mammal, mainly herbivores commonly found in sub-Saharan Africa. However, it is not There is quite a bit to do with scientific research in the field of statistics.

The A / B test refers to a randomized test that consists of two variants - A and B - while the previous test represents the 'control' and 'treatment' objects represented by the following variant. .

Confused? Well, fortunately, you're not a rocket scientist to have a successful website. That's what the plugin is for! While many pop-up plugins have built-in tracking features, there is one specifically designed to help you identify, manage and track A / B test tests:

Nelio AB split test tool for WordPress

Nelio A / B tests is a powerful and flexible conversion optimization service for WordPress. The plugin itself is free, but the service it requires is premium. Here is what Nelio A / B tests can do for you:

  • Improve your landing page
  • Write better articles
  • Check out the new topics and different menus
  • Test title and title

And the best thing is, all of this can be done right inside your WordPress Dashboard! Another great feature that will warm you up is the heat sink.

This feature literally lets you analyze the hottest areas of any page so you can better understand your customers. And because Nelio's A / B Testing is designed in form service (albeit premium), all processing is removed from your site and allowing their cloud to handle the load. This makes website upload time much faster.

Put Icing on the Cake convertible

So we're talking about pop-ups in this post, but I'd also like to give you an additional bonus. One of the most proven ways to increase your subscriber list and keep them coming back for more is one of the easiest: say thank you.

Tests show that including a thank you page at the end of a transaction (be it financial or otherwise) makes a big impact on every customer. It also creates a great opportunity to include links back to some of your other content.

Another great way to say thank you for the time we spend together is, you guessed it - a WordPress plugin. Thank me later on actually emailing thanks to anyone who left a comment.

Many great features:

  • Invite readers back to your blog
  • Link to your Twitter or Facebook to get more followers
  • Customize email for categories
  • Link to your RSS feed
  • Includes multiple translation languages

Just like in the real world, a thank you goes a long way to making your readers, subscribers, or customers feel welcome and they will love you for it.

Convert visitors Hook, Line and sink

So hungry website visitors have taken the bait and you have taken them on. You have increased your subscriber list with popup options, added interest to your website, understood your customers and their needs, and even took time away from your busy day. You can now say thanks. Now you can proceed to conquer the world.

Or if you still desire more, check out these email list development plugin mine . Any questions, suggestions or suggestions, please comment below.


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