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Every business eventually realized that much of its marketing could be automated. Gone are the days of remembering to follow up with a lead or websites that offer the same offer to every visitor no matter how they arrive on the page.

 wrong marketing automation
wrong about marketing automation

Marketing automation is a no-brainer for large businesses who may have hundreds of thousands of customers to interact daily.

For small businesses, whether or not to invest in marketing automation software is a legitimate question, especially if you've never used it before.

For the most part, automating your marketing campaigns is often positive. It is important to understand what is right and what is not about the process so you know what is going to happen.

Here are eight myths about marketing automation and the truth behind them:

1. Automatic marketing is just sending automated messages

Marketing software that automatically sends messages to potential (and current) customers via email, web, social media and text.

But this concept is about more than sending automated messages so you don't forget. It's about maximizing efficiency, so you don't need to write and send similar (or similar) messages to each customer every day. It is also about targeting and determining what visitors to your website or store really need and offer them.

Ultimately, it allows you to research the data behind your actions and decide if you need to tailor your workflow to better interest and ultimately customer dollars. potential.

2. Automated marketing is easier than manual processes

In many ways automatic marketing is better, but does it make your life easier? Not always.

You can't just put and forget your automated marketing campaigns, assuming they will guide people from the beginning to the end of your channel. You need to keep track of what each campaign does, using the data you collect to target specific groups of customers to achieve better results.

Automated marketing eliminates the need to perform parrot actions. Instead, your resources are redirected towards creating more creative and personalized work processes and copies.

3. Automatic marketing is only for email

As mentioned above, automated marketing is used on some channels, not just email.

While email is a great place to start, you can really use it to open up more options for marketing campaigns and the opportunity to get potential customers.

Continue to collect information about your customers Phone numbers, for example, and creative ways to market through them using your marketing platform.

Don't limit your ambition to sending only marketing emails, having conversations with your customers wherever they interact with your brand, especially your website, through registration forms. Contextual.

4. Marketing automation is only for large businesses

No matter how small your business, it is possible to invest to allow processes to automatically take over some of your manual processes, allowing you to focus on higher-level operations.

More and more software vendors are entering the market, which means that even the smallest businesses can find a level of service that suits their budget.

Build your marketing processes on a small scale and let your processes grow with your business, instead of trying to improve them the way you work when you begin to grow. You can even start with free trials on multiple platforms to see which services make the most sense for your business.

5. Marketing automatically comes out like robots and not individuals

Your marketing materials will only appear as robots and not personal when your copy makes it sound. You can personalize your documents to make them talk to your customers.

Another way you can encourage more personalized content is to send highly targeted and specific copies to as many customers as possible.

The group of people in the workflow is narrow so you make sure that each person receives influential content related to the content they have responded to. In essence, this is the point of marketing automation, so when you use the software correctly, your content and messages will appear like anything except.

6. Automated marketing will not replace traditional systems

You may feel that your marketing tactics are not broken, so you do not need to fix them by investing.

However, if you want to compete with major players in your industry, you will need to use some type of automated marketing software: The marketing software industry is growing 30% every year and those who are not Using it plans to do so within the next 12 months, According to the statistics collected by Emailmonday .

Marketing technology is clearly the future of the space, if not the present, so engaging in debate is not necessary to argue it will be necessary to remain competitive.

7. Automated marketing will only provide a boost for your marketing

Your investment in automated marketing will really move into other aspects of your business.

For example, marketing automation can help you become more effective when selling. According to MarketingSherpa , only 27% of leads sent through marketing will be eligible.

Marketing automation can help you not only find potential customers but also qualify them, score them, nurture them and continue to manage them according to their lifetime in your channel.

That way, once sales get to them, they won't waste time talking to potential customers with your future.

8. After the sale ends, the automated marketing process ends

The goal of leadership marketing is to turn new audiences into customers. But automatic marketing is about more than ending the first sale. You will create opportunities for price increases, cross selling and future participation leading to repeat business.

You should feel empowered to create after-sales workflows to encourage people to connect with your business and find sales, discounts, upcoming products and more.

Marketing automation is creating a new marketing era in which the goal is not to do the basics and more to think creatively. That doesn't make marketing easier, but it makes it more interesting. Time to eliminate myths and embrace challenges.


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