Crypto News March 29: BTC price will not increase sharply after halving with news Ripple, USDC, USDT, Tezos, DASH, TRON, IOTA

From the valuation of BTC may not immediately increase after halving to the warning of the fake application of ‘Ledger Live’ on Chrome Web Store. Here are some highlights from the crypto market.


Bitcoin news

In interview Recently, Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu discussed some of his predictions regarding the future of Bitcoin and the mining industry, halving events, and cryptocurrencies. Despite the outbreak of the corona virus and its impact on the global economy, Wu remains optimistic and believes that the central bank's loose monetary policy around the world will boost the value of public financial technology.

Co-founder of Bitmain, believes that cryptocurrencies show a lot of promise amid the current economic storm. Jihan Wu said he felt very positive about the future of digital currencies like Bitcoin. Wu explained that recent bailouts and "pumping money" planners to stimulate the economy could make digital currencies more valuable. However, Wu noted that, for the time being, BTC growth will be slower.

“As BTC market capitalization grows, its volatility decreases and is more stable. That means we may not see a surge in its price. I think the strong rally this time may not come right after the halving takes place but will probably happen after some time. ”

Bitcoin is still correlated with the stock market in the context of the ongoing financial crisis

In the current financial crisis, Bitcoin has yet to prove itself to be a safe haven asset. In fact, research of The Block shows that Bitcoin has formed a relative correlation with the stock market.

The correlation between Bitcoin and the S&P 500 index began to become negative at the beginning of the year. However, in March, it reached a positive level and reached a high of 0.32. The contract between the negative correlation in January and the positive in March are statistically significant, showing an interesting development.

The researchers said the correlation may disappear as quickly as it appears. However, there is no sign that it will happen

Whale moves Bitcoin

Whale Alert said 4,745 BTC (worth about $ 29 million) have been moved between Okex, Gemini, and Binance exchanges.


Whale moves Bitcoin | Source: Whale Alert

Ripple news

Another cryptocurrency investor has become the victim of a scam aimed at owners of Ledger wallets.

In one post On Reddit, a woman infected with COVID-19 claimed to have lost 14,000 XRP (about US $ 2,423 at the present time).

The victim said she downloaded the 'Ledger Live' extension from the Chrome Web Store while having a fever. She meticulously checked all the keywords and after her savings with her husband was stolen in just 8 minutes.

Ledger, the leading hardware wallet manufacturer, has warned users about fake Google ‘Ledger Live’ extensions that might steal seed phrases. A Twitter user recently lost $ 16,000 worth of ZEC after falling into a similar scam.

So be careful to never share your 24-seed seed phrase with anyone because it's likely that scammers will steal them.

USDC news

Whale Alert announced that 10 million USDC was minted at USDC Treasury and then this amount of USDC was moved to an unknown wallet.


Additional prints and moves USDC | Source: Whale Alert

USDT news

Whale Alert announces 65 million USDT has been moved between Tether Treasury, unknown wallet and Binance exchange.


Whale moving USDT | Source: Whale Alert

News Tezos

Teddy, the famous cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, explained in a recent tweet that he believes investors will soon be able to buy XTZ at a bargain price due to the degradation of the current support level.

“XTZ is testing and retesting this support. I predict that it is getting weaker and weaker. In my opinion, XTZ price will only grow once the market is stable ”.

DASH news

Dash announces success through another budget cycle with 5548.31 Dash that will be paid on all votes of DAO projects in the next 24 hours.

Medici Ventures News

Medici Ventures, has announced the expansion of GrainChain distributed ledger technology (DLT) globally.

In Press Release On March 27, Medici Ventures announced that the expansion of GrainChain, will be done in cooperation with fintech company Symbiont, set to move from HyperLedger Fabric to Symbiont's assembly and blockchain platform. In particular, Medici is a shareholder of both GrainChain and Symbiont.


Molly Hash Key's Marketing Manager, wxblockchain's strategic partner manager, reported that FYI Justin Sun, a famous fraudster in China, was investigated for illegal fundraising. money, gamble. He was also on the blacklist for banning exit but fled to the US by some illegal means.

Currently, Justin Sun has not responded to this information.

IOTA news

A team of developers based in Madrid, has released A platform based on the Iota Tango network, AID SQUAD helps fight the corona virus pandemic.

GeoDB is a large, decentralized data sharing ecosystem that helps gather data for their creators and users. The user will enter his Personal Health Record (PHR) including age, gender, COVID-19-related symptoms, after which the application will collect the approximate location of the user. The data is stored anonymously on the Iota Tangle network. Based on this data, heat maps can be created to visualize the spread of viruses and infectious hotspots.

The application is currently only available as an apk file for Android. According to Gelado, both the Apple Store and Google Play temporarily banned all new COVID-19 applications because so many unscrupulous developers are taking advantage of the pandemic situation. However, he hopes the application will be accepted in a few weeks.

Pepo news

Ethereum-based social networking application, Pepo, has integrated with video conferencing platform, Zoom, to facilitate live streaming events.

Pepo Live Events is currently only available as a beta on the platform's website and does not indicate when it plans to launch its mobile application.

Only the Pepo community administrator can conduct the livestream, however, anyone can participate in these events. All livestream events on the platform are recorded and are limited to a maximum of three hours.

Pepo's decision to integrate Zoom shows an increase in demand for livestream services amid the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic.

Social networking application launched last October at DevCon 5. Pepo uses OST platform that allows users to reward each other with Pepo tokens, ERC-20 tokens are tied 1: 1 with OST tokens.

News Algorand

The cryptocurrency platform using the proof of stake protocol, Algorand, has created a global survey to compile an open database of the spread, status and symptoms of a pandemic. COVID-19.

On March 27, the company said application Its "IReportCovid" survey will contribute to an updated global database of real-time data to inform pandemic support efforts.

In a blog post, Algorand announced the initiative to find ways to solve the problem of lack of real-time data about pandemics coming from individuals in the community. Survey responses are posted publicly on the Algorand blockchain to allow access to data.

Respondents cannot change or delete the information they share and are encouraged to keep updating their answers as their health conditions change. The survey required basic information such as age, gender and location, in addition the application also verified whether the survey participants had ever tested or treated COVID-19 and whether they Whether to conduct self-isolation or not.

Other news

Less than 1% of Australians use cryptocurrencies to make payments

A new report published by the Australian central bank provides insight into consumer payment behavior. The survey found that Australians increasingly prefer digital payment methods. However, cryptocurrencies account for less than 1% of payments in Australia.

Researchers at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) have survey 1,100 Australians to better understand their preferred payment method. In October and November 2019, survey participants were asked to record any financial transactions and what type of payment method they used. The bank details the findings of the survey in the Consumer Payment Behavior report in Australia, published on March 19.

The survey found that Australians are shying away from cash and towards digital payment options. Paying by debit and credit card are the most popular options.

Blockchain technology helps combat identity theft is increasing in the digital world

Numerous reports from both inside and outside the industry show that many citizens are at risk or exposed to personal data. In today's era, when the world relies on digital data, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology become a factor against data monitoring and mining.

There seems to be a growing number of data leaks, data sales and cases of personal information mining. Recently, report PreciseSecurance's states that Georgia, Florida and California accounted for one-third of identity theft in the United States in 2019, with about 211,000 in a total of more than 650,000 cases.

Most of the case studies that involve credit card fraud, occur very often. Privacy is still one of the factors that promote the adoption and development of decentralized technologies. Blockchain technology is recognized as a good solution when it comes to providing fraud protection as well as protecting the identity and data of consumers.

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