Delete the link to reset WordPress password when logging in

Delete the link to reset WordPress password when logging in - When someone forgets their password, it's easy to click the link at the WordPress login page and then start the recovery process. However, you do not want this option to be available to users. You want to be the only one using the system.

In this case, many people choose to delete the WordPress password reset link. The easiest way to do that is by using something like LoginPress.

Now, I will show you how to quickly reset the password at WordPress.

Why delete password reset link in WordPress?


Password reset links, useful in a multi-user environment, pose a security threat. If you are the only user at the system, there is really no reason to keep this link.

It only provides hackers with another method to try entering.

In another scenario, you might be displaying a demo website to your customers or yourself. Using fake information, it can cause problems if someone accidentally tries to use the link to gain access to the website.

However, you want to keep the password reset link around if you have a writer team. If not, you must manually reset the lost password for the user.

Use LoginPress to remove the password reset link

Today, I am introducing the LoginPress plugin. This is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to customize many options at the login screen. This includes causing WordPress to remove the password reset link.

It has more than 40,000 active installs, getting great reviews from users. In fact, I often use it because of its simplicity.

Install, activate the LoginPress plugin.


Click on the Login Login option on the left. This will default to the plugin installation screen.


Login settings

From this screen, you can adjust the amount of idle time users have until the session expires. This will force people to log back into the system after the expiry.

You also have a password enabled with a custom registration form, whether WordPress uses your username or email address to log in, reset the system to default.

All of these options are up to you. It all depends on how you want the website to function when you have a login.

Personally, I prefer to set LoginPress to only accept usernames. It limits the number of ways someone is able to achieve the item.

When you are done making adjustments, click the Save Changes button.


Click on user customization options on the left. It will be the second option at LoginPress.


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Use the customizer to remove the password

This Customization feature is really the feature WordPress uses to change themes. However, clicking it directly from LoginPress will take you to the website login screen.

You will not have to worry about any of the options on the left. They are used to change website layout.

From the example, you see I have added the platform to the sample website. LoginPress offers you lots of options, such as creating custom login error messages.

In this case, I just added the background to provide a simpler look login page.

Mouse over the login screen. You will see the pencil label appear at different parts of the screen.


Click the pencil icon next to, "Lost your password."


The field on the left will change to From Footer. Here, you make many edits such as changing the color, font size, actual text at the login form.

Click the option next to "Enable Footer Text."


As you can see, this will remove the WordPress reset password link from the login screen.


Delete reset password link

Click "Publish" in the left corner to save changes.


Now you exit the WordPress customizer.


This will bring you back to the WordPress admin screen.

Other plugins to choose from

The nice thing about WordPress is finding many different plugins to better suit your needs. Although LoginPress is quite useful for customizing the login screen, what if you want different options?

Here are some other plugins you want to consider.


Wordfence is a very popular plugin for security at WordPress. This security includes various options for your website login screen. This includes authentication of two other similar features to protect the website from crime.


This includes blocking users from trying to repeat the incorrect password.

Plainview Protect Passwords


Plainview Protect Passwords is a flexible tool to remove WordPress password reset link. Instead of removing it completely, you are given certain roles to gain access, protecting specific users from resetting the password from the beginning.

Keep your website secure

Deleting your WordPress password reset is just a way to keep your website secure, especially if you're the only user. Make efforts to ensure the website is harder to crack.

The system has full plugins ready. You just need to choose the ones that work best with your needs.


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