How to delete all comments in WordPress at once


How to delete all comments in WordPress at once - You want to delete all comments in WordPress quickly and easily? Normally, you will not delete each comment, so the need for a possibility arises. If so, you will find that WordPress is not fully equipped to handle deleting comments in bulk. WordPress has the ability to move a large number of comments to the trash at once, but it cannot delete them all at once.

Remember that if you are doing this to remove a large number of spam comments, there are specific plugins that can help you remove and protect against spam. Today, I will show how to delete comments in bulk using the Delete All Comments Easily plugin.

Why delete all comments in WordPress?


Each website is not the same, each has their own specific needs. There are many possibilities when it comes to this question. For example, if you are in a test environment at the Xampp server, you are filled in with comments to simulate the normal environment. When you finish the test, or just try again, you'll need to delete all those comments to make it.

Of course, you really just want to delete comments altogether by disabling this section. Managing comments is a time-consuming job, many newer websites don't have staff to maintain healthy comments. So you want to delete all existing comments and disable this section completely. That way, when you choose to turn comments back on, it will be like starting over again.

How to delete all comments in WordPress in bulk

Today, I will show you how to delete a series of comments in WordPress using the Delete All Comments Easily plugin. As the name implies, this plugin deletes all comments at WordPress easily. All comments deleted with this plugin can never be restored without using a backup.

For this reason, I recommend backing up the WordPress website. This will ensure that if you change your mind, you will be able to recover all comments at WordPress. Backups are a great tool to have, like a web developer, so you should always have an up-to-date backup of your website when something goes wrong.

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Install Delete All Comments Easily

Enter the plugin, click Add New in the admin panel on the left.


Find Delete All Comments Easily in the relevant box. This will entail a useful plugin.


Move until you see the Delete All Comments Easily plugin, click install now, then activate the same use.


On the left panel, select the Delete All Comments Easily option. This pulls the plugin back into the main settings page.


Delete all comments in WordPress

Before continuing, make a backup of your WordPress website. If you do not back up, all comments will disappear forever.

This plugin is easy to use. Tick ​​"Delete all comments" and then click the "Delete all comments" button.


Congratulations, the plugin will now delete all comments you have at WordPress. When the process is complete, you will see all comments have been deleted. This process is irreversible, the only way to undo it is to back up the website.

Respect your comments

The comments section is a great way to interact with the community. Many websites choose to engage with the audience at different social media websites, but the comment section is still a great option. It also provides a place for visitors to leave feedback on content from you and discuss what they read.

Unfortunately, some people who do not have the same respect for others will choose to use strong language or to bet on or harass other commenters. Be sure if you are running the comment section you are moderating to prevent spam and annoying users filling that section.

Why do you want to delete all comments at WordPress? Please tell us through the comments.


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