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As with most programs and software, it is essential to use the latest version of WordPress on the site. Most of all, the speed and security of your website depends on that. Using the most up-to-date version of WordPress is also important if you want to install new plugins and themes.

Are you wondering what your WordPress version is? Do not worried; You are not alone. In this post, we will share ways to find that out.

Before getting started with this tutorial, you will need to have access to the WordPress Admin Area or the web server control panel.

Why do I need to check the WordPress version of the site?

  • A potential new customer has contacted you and you want to know the idea of ​​how well their WordPress site is maintained. So you need to find out what is the WordPress version of their site;
  • You need to diagnose server errors. Therefore, you must check if the old version of WordPress is the cause or not;
  • You've come across something you've never seen before and want to find out if it's a new feature of WordPress.

Why should I use the latest version of WordPress?

Whenever there is a new WordPress update, we will be asked by our customers if it is safe to update their website to the latest version.

WordPress is a free and open source content management system (CMS), developed by a whole community. With each new release, the developer community adds new features, fixes bugs, enhances performance, and improves some existing features to conform to all new industry standards.

Simply put, when you do not update your WordPress site, you risk its security and miss out on all the new features and improvements.

4 ways to check your website's WordPress version

Here we go with the top four methods to find out the WordPress version of the site:

WordPress admin area

The first and most convenient method would be through the WordPress Dashboard. Just log in to the WordPress dashboard area, then go to the Updates section you can find in the left sidebar.

Find the WordPress version in the Updates section

There, you will see the WordPress version you are using, and which is the latest version of WordPress at the moment. If you do not update, WordPress may display a warning about it. It is essential to use the latest version of WordPress mainly because you have the updated security features included with it. We recommend backing up your site and then continuing to upgrade.

WordPress version in the Updates section

In addition to the Updates page, you'll also find the WordPress version if you scroll down to any WordPress admin page and go down to the footer. You should see "Thank you for creating with WordPress", with the current version right before that text. This information is available since WordPress 4.1.5. Also, no news is supported for mobile devices.

Find out the WordPress version in the admin area

Meta HTML tag of WordPress website

If for some reason you can't find the WordPress version from your admin area, there's another way to do it. You can get the WordPress version of a website by checking its HTML Meta Tag.

By default, all WordPress websites generate HTML meta tags that carry their version of WordPress. In the event that you are aware of your security, you may choose to hide this information.

To check your site's Meta HTML Tag, follow these steps:

  • Open specific web page in your browser and Click the right mouse button ;
  • Click on it View page source (Ctrl + U) to make your HTML code appear;
  • The final step is press Ctrl + F and enter Creator in the search box. Pressing enter will find the WordPress version in the site's HTML meta tag.
Find out the WordPress version in the page source

File version.php

Testing the WordPress version of a website in its PHP file is also considered a reliable method. However, this is a complicated procedure because you will need to spend more time to perform. Follow the steps below:

  • Connect to an hosting account using a file manager of cPanel or an FTP client like FileZilla;
  • Once you're connected, navigate to your WordPress installation directory to open the wp-includes folder;
  • In this directory, you will see the file version.php. Open it and scroll down until you come 7th line . You will find the WordPress version there.

To use RSS to find out the WordPress version of a website, include a feed at the end of the website's URL ( ).

Press Ctrl + F and enter WordPress in the search box. Hit enter and you will get to the text where you can see the WordPress version. Simple as that.

Need help?

In case the above methods do not work, you can always turn to our 24/7 technical support team for assistance. All you have to do is open a support ticket and explain what you ask for.


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