How to handle comment notification emails in WordPress

How to handle comment notification emails in WordPress - Comments are the most effective form of interaction at the WordPress website. It gives people the opportunity to share ideas, make suggestions or engage with other authors and readers. However, do you know you have the ability to dominate the notification emails at WordPress?

The default content management system setting does the job OK when it comes to functionality. However, there are countless things you can do with the WordPress comment section.

Here, I will learn some basics about the comment notification email at WordPress plus what you can do with it. This area is more likely than what you are using.

Notice the default comment in WordPress

WordPress comes with the ability to control certain aspects from commenting. This is a functional system, but often lacks a lot of customization properties. However, it's not a terrible system if you just want something basic.

The default address in WordPress

First, let's see the email address notification sent from WordPress. By default, this message will go to the system administrator email. This is usually the address you used when setting up WordPress.

To edit this address, go to settings, edit Email address.


Notice of comments at WordPress will come to this address.

Install the comment section

When you want to refine the comments, go to the "Discussion" area in the settings at WordPress. From here, you can change a variety of ways for the system to handle comments from visitors.

Change the "Email me whenever" setting to suit your needs. For example, the website sends an email notification when someone posts a comment or when you have a comment being moderated.


Use Better Notifications for WordPress

What if I want to customize the message or send an email to certain user roles? For this, will use the WordPress comment notification plugin. Better notifications with WordPress have many options including the ability to customize email using the WYSIWYG editor.

Install, activate Better Notifications for WordPress.


Go to Notifications and then click Add New.


From the dropdown menu next to "Notification For," select a few messages related to the comment section. These include New Comment / Awaiting Moderation, Reply to comment and Page.

Note that there is a difference between posts and pages with a commenting system. For the most part, page comments are disabled by default.

Use the drop down window to select the message you want.


Now, use the editor to create custom emails to notifications. This is a way to give your website a bit of sophistication by making it more appealing.


Approve the user's comment email

WordPress does not send messages when comments from visitors are approved. Certainly, they see announcements and commentary organized for censorship. But what if you want to make sure your visitors know when the comment is approved?

It really helps drive engagement and keeps them interested in the website overall.

To do this, we will use a WordPress email notification plugin called Comment Approved. This is a lightweight tool to make website a bit more flexible when texting.

Install and activate the "Comment Approved" plugin.


Access Settings then Comment Approved.


The plugin will approve messages for approved comments by default. From this screen, you get customized messages including personalization. This is great because email personalization increases email response rates.


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Sign up for email comments

Let's say you want users to subscribe to certain comments and then receive messages when updates arrive. Since the basic form from WordPress disagrees with this, we need to use another plugin called, "Subscribe to Comments Reloaded."

This tool is quite flexible because it offers a range of tools from notification emails to custom comment form.

Install, activate, "Subscribe to Comments Reloaded.".


Access StCR then click, "Comment Form".


Click the "Yes" button next to Advanced. This will allow the guest to select the type of subscription they want regarding the comment section.


Scroll down and then click the Save Changes button.


You will now see a new option at Advanced. Select the default type you want to display to users.


This will automatically be selected when someone wants to subscribe to the comment. He or she will still be able to change it using the drop down. This is merely the default setting when registering.

When you press the Save Change button again, modifications will be made.

You should take some time to familiarize yourself with the plugin. It has loads of functions and features to customize the experience.

Should you use SMTP or PHP for Email?

WordPress uses the standard PHP protocol to send email from the system. When this is functional in most cases, it sometimes has the potential to cause a lot of different problems.

In some cases, users have to spend time fixing the WordPress email system when it is not working properly. This leads to many people prefer to use SMTP instead of PHP to send emails.

The simple method of mail delivery, or SMTP, is probably the most common form of email delivery in the Internet. It uses your own server, reducing the load on the website and giving you more control over how it works.

It is a safer method to send messages as well as bring a more professional feeling. This doesn't mention how many email processing platforms will automatically send PHP messages to spam folders.

The most popular system to use this form of messaging for WordPress is WP Mail SMTP. This is a feature-rich plugin that seamlessly connects email servers to websites.

Install, activate, "WP Mail SMTP."


Access Settings and then click, "WP Mail SMTP."


From this screen, you can choose the type of SMTP server you want and then configure it.


As you can see, you have access to Gmail, Mailgun, SendGrid or other SMTP. If you want to configure the local server, you will choose another SMTP option. However, this completely depends on what services you want to use.

Manage your website effectively

Adding comment notification emails at WordPress helps attract users. It gives them a reason to return to the website and help create loyalty among the target audience. Tools like what I mentioned above help you manage the system.

Make it easier for you to operate the WordPress website you own.


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