How to use the entire WP_DEBUG in Wordpress

If you enable your WP_DEBUG WordPress website, it will help you better understand what's going on, especially in the event of a problem. Also, enabling WP_DEBUG is beneficial for all theme and plugin developers requiring their products to be publicly promoted by WordPress.

In this post, we will cover everything necessary for WP_DEBUG and all the ways you can use it to develop your WordPress site.


You will see:

Reason for activating WP_DEBUG

WP_DEBUG is a PHP constant. It was created with the purpose of activating the WordPress debug mode. You should be able to find that mode in your wp-config.php file. By default, the mode is turned off, but you can perform many important tasks with it after you turn it on. The main reasons to activate it are:

  • WP_DEBUG will give you necessary information on how to reproduce a specific problem. Through saving the log file, WP_DEBUG Record all activities happening on your site, can help fix the problem;
  • WP_DEBUG will display a list of deprecated functions in all theme and plugin releases. Those are functions that are marked as inactive in the future. The message will usually tell you that there are alternatives to those functions and exactly what they are;
  • Debug mode appears whenever you want to build a plugin or theme. Codex WordPress encourages all developers Use WP_DEBUG when they work on their products. This will help other developers see when there are problems and warnings, which ultimately benefits everyone saving time. If a plugin or theme is not compatible with WP_DEBUG, the WordPress tool library will not validate them.

Actual use of WP_DEBUG

After we have explained the general idea of ​​exactly what WP_DEBUG is, let's consider its practical applications.


The WP_DEBUG mode can be found in the file. By default, the value of the file is set to false. To enable it, you need to make it true. To do that, you must use an FTP client like FileZilla or File Manager (via cPanel) to access the file.

In this example, we will use File Manager in cPanel ( → cPanel → File Manager).

When you are in the File Manager, in the root directory of your WordPress website, you need to find your website's wp-config.php file (public.html / wp-config.php):

  • Open wp-config.php and then search

define (‘WP_DEBUG’, false)

  • After determining the location, rewrite falsethanhtrue

define (‘WP_DEBUG’, true)

If you can't find the code in your site's wp-config.php file, you can add the code above the line that reads / * That's all, stop editing! Happy blog. * /.

Note that debugging mode should not be enabled on the live site as it is specifically designed and for development purposes only.


Enabling WP_DEBUG_LOG gives users the option to save all errors in a debug.logfile. This function works perfectly in WP_DEBUG and also helps reproduce the problem to fix it.

To enable WP_DEBUG_LOG, you need to open your wp-config.php file and then define (‘WP_DEBUG,’ true), enter the following:

define (‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true)

After you have the function, the debug.log file will be automatically saved in the wp content directory of your WordPress site. You will be able to view the file directly in your browser.


WP_DEBUG_DISPLAYis a function that needs to be disabled. That is to prevent error messages from displaying on your WordPress site. By default, whenever an error occurs, it will be generated and displayed within the HTML code of your website. Unlike WP_DEBUG, the default value WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY is set to tru and needs to be changed to falset in order to hide all errors.

In case WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY is not available, you must add a line of code in the wp-config.php file. Do it under define (‘WP_DEBUG,’ true). The line of code to insert is:

define (‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false)

All features we include: WP_DEBUG, WP_DEBUG_LOG, and WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY can be used at the same time.


Understanding how to use WP_DEBUG correctly has many essential benefits for WordPress site owners and developers.


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