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Instagram is one of the most ongoing social networks today. It has a great platform that lets people see what their friends, favorite movie actors, sports stars, social celebrities, and celebrities are doing.

It makes them closer to inaccessible stars. But Instagram can offer more than just celebrities. It is a treasure trove for brands to attract users and attract potential customers.

In this blog, I will give you an actionable guide to attract potential customers from Instagram.

And even better:

I will show you the super simple strategy that a brand really uses to attract potential customers from Instagram on autopilot. Like any other channel, driving the lead involves real engagement and to engage your target audience, there are a few tricks you need to know in advance.

Focus on Hashtags

Any keyword for SEO, hashtag is the medium

n social information.

Effective use of hashtags can immediately drive more engagement on Instagram. While there's no point inundating your post with irrelevant hashtags, it's almost always good to add as many related posts as you can on Instagram.

You need to have a lot of good hashtags like the mix of the big and popular out there plus the ones that are less used by your competitors but at the same time attract your audience.

I use Focalmark to find the hashtag The best and most relevant audience already involved. However, it is only available on mobile phones. If you are looking for a desktop replacement, please use Websta . A simple search on Websta for ‘adi’ (from Adidas) returns the following hashtags:

Do not use popular hashtags all the time. Here is the ratio I want to follow:

Smart links

For those new to the platform, Instagram does not allow you to link from individual posts.

But they will allow you to add a link to your profile, and here are a few ways you can take advantage of this feature: Create landing pages for people from Instagram.

Create a unique URL to track your Instagram traffic through tools like Google's URL builder, or because analytics software tends to attribute traffic to your site. You from Instagram are direct traffic.

The New York Times uses a very creative strategy for this. They use a tool named Have2Have.It .

With this tool, you can use the link in your Instagram profile to lead your followers to a page that feels like your Instagram feed.

Here's how the link appears to your readers:

It takes the user to a page that looks like this:

Click on any image that leads the reader to the story.

Use images with CTA

Add CTA in the Instagram image you post and direct users to your bio link. Ensure that the text used for CTA is no longer than 50 characters so that it does not interfere with the image in any way. You should use some hashtags with most of the hashtags directly related to your niche and popular tags for the rest.

This is especially effective when you organize contests or provide lead magnets and want readers to enter their email ID.

Here is an example from Canva:

Run A / B split tests for the same campaign with two CTAs and different images and see which works better.

Video has a URL

Engaging videos and video posts can hook your audience. You can use the CTA as in the above example or if you want to use more branded content, use the URL overlay on your video like DollarShaveClub:

15 seconds may be all you need to make the best impression and get readers to your website or profile.

However, another method increasingly used by marketers and popular accounts from around the world involves the use of live video. You can choose to highlight your accounts and it will help cross-promote your marketing to a great extent.

If your site has a significant number of followers on Instagram, the best thing to do is to constantly produce live video, run contests and create quality content for your audience.

Benefit from Influencers influence

Influencers can help build awareness for your brand while expanding your reach. You can connect with influencers in your industry and find ways to collaborate on Instagram content advertising with them.

One of the best ways to do this is by sharing each other's content. And if your content is appealing and valuable to them, you can get them to follow you.

Another suggested method involves providing your products or services for free in exchange for free products / services.

But before you do that, here are some things to remember:

  • Find bloggers in your niche. You will not want to reach out to a financial blogger to promote your latest recipe. Finding people who have the right influence can prove difficult or easy. If you can keep their email addresses, that's great. If not, try texting them directly. In the case of really influential people, it's best to email them to get feedback instead of sending DM.
  • Another approach to building relationships with influencers is to go the long way. Find their blog or website, contribute a few Guest Post and get to know them. Finally, build relationships and exchange ideas. But, if you're on a campaign and it's running out of time, that won't be convenient.
  • Remember, when you ask influencers to share your content, you need to give them something commensurate with the reward. Create content that their audience will love it and it's the recipe for success.

Step-by-step strategy to lead customers from Instagram

Here is a glimpse of how Magazine Foundr Maximize your marketing potential on Instagram through its key magnet and smart yet simple content strategy. Their Instagram account has more than a million followers, but the seed of this growth was replanted in 2015 when they increased the number of followers from 0 to 400,000 within a year.

In fact, a significant part of Foundr's business success can be attributed to their effective Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram also plays an important role in generating more than 100,000 visitors for Foundr as part of its monthly audience. On-site conversions increase by 30% and they can get 30,000 email subscribers after just 30 days. Now their list contains hundreds of thousands of customers driven from Instagram alone.

And this is how they did it:

1. Simple content

If you look through Foundr Mag's Instagram feed, you'll have a super-fast idea of ​​what I mean:

Simple photo posts with motivational quotes with posts that regularly promote the release of their new magazine or podcast episode.

Nathan Chan, founder of Foundr mag, has semi-automated the process by training a virtual assistant. The process is quite simple:

  • find good motivational quotes resonating with entrepreneurs (quotes outperform statistics or facts)
  • Add a text tool or typeface like typography or wordswag to create images with these citations
  • Posted at least three times a day

2. Gift giving contest to quickly build email list

We all love free stuff, and this is why gifts work so well. And do you know what works better than gifts?

I will explain:

Contests are a great way to build leads on Instagram. For a contest that can help build potential customers, all you need is to give away a product you want to advertise and a hashtag that can be easily remembered but describes the combination of your brand. , interests from followers and contests.

Now there are many types of competitions you can run. There may be tag-to-win, like-to-win and photo challenges. Tag-to-win contests have been found to generate the highest return on investment as they require the least amount of effort from users.

But instead of just selecting one user to join with your post and sending them your product or offer, you encourage users to share your post so that they have more chances to win. win.

It's a simple but engaging strategy: when people share a post, more people sign up.

And Foundr uses such gifts to build a targeted user list (those who happen to be interested in the product they're offering as a gift).

3. Use lead magnets to drive leads on Autopilot

Lead magnets are a great way to generate leads. They are specific, quality content that you create for a specific audience on Instagram. Lending content to targeted readers on Instagram that you try to join.

Lead magnets can be PDFs, webinars or ebooks, something that offers great value to readers and is relevant to what your business has to offer.

But since Instagram doesn't allow you to add clickable links along with posts, the only place you can add external links is in the bio section of your profile.

Foundr tested this strategy with several types of conductive magnets.

They have provided the free issue of their magazine:

And even a guide to driving leads from Instagram.

As you can see, they presented a valuable free resource to entice followers to click on the link.

After they developed large amounts, they came up with a solid strategy for creating lead using lead magnets. They now offer free, high-value e-books that are relevant to their target audience, like the one below, for every ten posts.

The link in the post then leads the reader to a landing page created specifically for Instagram followers.

Foundr says this strategy is one of their best leads-generating mechanisms. When you put them on the list, you can start a series of dripping emails and build an automated user channel to automate strategies for cross-selling and raising / raising prices.

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​how you can plan together to create content, promote it, build a section, and lead customers from Instagram, and maybe some of the Ideas on how you can automate many of these processes.

If you have any great Instagram marketing stories or ideas, share them in the comments below! I want to hear your thoughts.


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