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In this article, I will summarize interesting things that you may not know about the legendary Final Fantasy series!

Produced and developed by Square Enix, Final Fantasy is one of the most influential Japanese game series in the world, with a journey of up to 33 years of development and still holds a huge attraction for till now.

Each version of Final Fantasy always has two parallel forces that are heroes - villains with different stories and contexts and from there convey a profound truth: "Righteousness always wins. ”.

On the occasion of Square Enix preparing to release Final Fantasy VII on April 11, today let us learn about the interesting things of this legendary RPG series.

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#first. Final Fantasy was born while Square was in a serious crisis

It all started in the 80s of the twentieth century, when Sakaguchi was just a young man in his 20s, who was an official member of Square Soft with the title of CEO of Planning and Development.

game-final-fantasy-series-game-final-fantasy (1)
(Image of Sakaguchi and his talented colleagues)

However, Square's games were not well-received in Japan at the time, and things started to get worse as the company's finances became increasingly exhausted - so much so that it was on the verge of bankruptcy.

In this situation, Sakaguchi has put all his money and energy into the final project called Final Fantasy and bet a lot of hope on it because if this product fails then there is nothing else possible. save the situation of Square at that time.

velvet-game-play-final-fantasy-series-game-final-fantasy (2)
(Final Fantasy marks the turning point in Sakaguchi's life)

At this moment, the god of luck smiled at Sakaguchi when in the end, his efforts in Final Fantasy paid off.

In 1987, Final Fantasy created a miracle, a huge fever when the game market was extremely warmly welcomed and helped restore Square's financial background, bringing the name of Sakaguchi up as much as possible. wind.

Therefore, for both Sakaguchi and Square, this is indeed a miracle because without Final Fantasy, the game company would have gone bankrupt long ago.

#2. Meaning of the name "Final Fantasy"

"Final Fantasy" translates into Vietnamese as "Final Fantasy" but do you know why Sakaguchi used that name to give his brainchild?

fantasy-ending-series-game-final-fantasy-3 (3)
("Final Fantasy" almost became "FightingFantasy")

In 2015, according to Kotaku's sources, Sakaguchi and his development team wanted the title of the game to be abbreviated as "FF" because, according to the Japanese pronunciation, it was a fairly easy-to-pronounce name as " efu efu ”.

First he chose the word "Fanasy" because it was simply based on the theme of the game, while the other "F" was "Fighting" and put them together to become "Fighting Fantasy".

However, the name "Fighting" was very popular in the video game industry at the time so he decided to change and the name "Final Fantasy" was born.

# 3. Thanks to Dragon Quest, Sakachuchi was able to create Final Fantasy

Although Final Fantasy has now become one of the world's most popular franchises, Square had no intention of approving this project before fearing it would fail, but Dragon Quest did. change that.

fantasy-ending-series-game-final-fantasy-4 (4)
(Without Dragon Quest, we would probably never enjoy Final Fantasy)

Launched in 1986, Dragon Quest has used very well the elements of humor, suspense, creativity in the story to bring role-playing games to the players.

Because of the success that Dragon Quest brought, Square decided to have Sakaguchi implement the RPG project Final Fantasy and even later on, it would bring a future for the game company.

# 4. Final Fantasy and similarities with Star Wars

Although one side is a movie from the West and the other is an electronic game from Asia, Star Wars and Final Fantasy have many similarities.

The first thing we can easily see is that they both take us to far-flung worlds and lands, blending fiction elements like supernatural powers and modern weapons.

In addition, the two characters Biggs and Wedge in Final Fantasy VII are named after two talented X-Wing pilots of the resistance faction in Star Wars.

fantasy-game-series-game-final-fantasy (5)
(Biggs (left) and Wedge (right) in Final Fantasy VII)
fantasy-ending-series-game-final-fantasy-6 (6)
(Two characters Biggs (left) and Wedge (right) in Star Wars)

Not only do they share the same name, but the characters Biggs and Wedge in Final Fantasy VII were killed while Shinra destroyed the city.

This is somewhat similar to the sacrifice of Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles in the hit film series called Star Wars.

# 5. The first version of Final Fantasy is the only version without the appearance of a character named Cid

For those who are fans of Final Fantasy, it is probably not strange that each version of the series has the character Cid as a mechanic and a repairman.

fantasy-game-series-game-final-fantasy (7)
(Cid from Final Fantasy XV)

But the first Final Fantasy version did not have Cid and it was not until the game was released on the PlayStation and GBA that we saw Cid appear in the game.


So my article has ended here and I hope this article will provide useful information for you about the popular RPG series Final Fantasy.

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