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Hard disk mining, also known as storage mining, is a process of obtaining cryptocurrencies based on hard disk memory.

Compared to traditional POW mining, hard drive exploitation has many advantages, such as low power consumption, low noise and temperature, low website requirements, low operating and maintenance costs, etc.

LTG will be launched on Dcoin on March 20, combining cloud computing, advanced artificial intelligence technology and compatibility with IPFs / Filecoin intelligent hard disk mining protocol, ushering in an era of mining. waterfall all new people.

Introduction of LTG project

LTG is an open source public chain successfully developed by the Kyrgyz LTG Foundation - a well-known blockchain team in Silicon Valley and has been around for more than a year.

LTG has a well-developed open source public chain, advanced data application matrix, core technology with clear benefits, and an international investment advisory team.

LTG applies storage mining technology, Proof of Storage and PoRep to store data and time-space evidence, to create the fastest solution of the block, gaining the right to record mining. and receive LTG mining rewards. LTG makes full use of idle resources to exploit.

Moreover, LTG provides security for personal and business data without worrying about data leakage with low storage costs.

The advantages of the project are obvious. It has proven itself as a well-developed open source public chain, an advanced data application matrix with a processing speed of memory matching technology of up to 30 million applications per second. In addition, the project has abundant resources and many partners.

Based on the development of existing cloud storage technology, LTG has made many improvements, combined with cloud computing and artificial intelligence, effectively allocating each hard disk space and a clear sense of on the flexibility of elasticity and the time and space of cloud computing.

Exploiting LTG hard disk, a new form of exploitation, anyone can join

A potential miner must first choose the size of storage and mortgage assets. Commitment includes sending messages on LTG blockchain. Similar to Ethereum, the message processing charges Fuel. Each message specifies the maximum number of Fuel units it will consume and the price of each unit in LTG (LTG network token).

In the LTG storage market, miners run orders to set their storage prices by creating an order that provides some details about their available storage space and the fees they charge for storage. Customers give miners a transaction for the documents they want to store.

If the miner wants to stop mining at any time, he can stop mining at any time and delete all data related to the LTG node.

Strong international team of experts from LTG

Krassen Mitev, CEO of LTG, is an entrepreneur with a master's degree from Caltech. He used to be director of research and development.

He is well versed in cryptographic related technologies and has carried out data security projects by leading domestic secret organizations many times. As a serial entrepreneur, he has rich practical experience in Internet product research and development, community operations, etc.

Andrew Cordisio, Chief Technology Officer, is a master's degree from Hamburg University in Germany. He was a senior engineer at Sun Microsystems and project manager of, a famous open source community.

He has leading experience in IT technology and open source community management. It has German specific precision and seriousness, and has outstanding advantages in compliance.

Launch of LTG on the famous Dcoin trading platform with 5,600 LTG rewards

LTG / USDT will be launched on Dcoin on March 20. And to celebrate the event, 5600 LTG will be launched in the LTG Deposit and Big Buy contest - Win big.
The specific schedule is as follows:

  • March 19, 15:00 (UTC + 8): LTG deposit feature will be open
  • March 20, 15:00 (UTC + 8): LTG / USDT trading pair will be opened;
  • March 21, 15:00 (UTC + 8): Withdrawal feature will be available.

During the launch, Dcoin will also launch a series of activities, with just a few simple steps that you can receive rewards:

(Activity 1) Load LTG

Activity content: During the activity period, deposit more than 500 LTG into Dcoin, you will receive 15 LTG for free. Each account is limited to one time, first guests will be charged.

Time: 14:00 - 14:00 March 20, 2020 to 14:00 March 27, 2020 (Vietnam time)

Participants: All Dcoin users

Total reward value: 1600 LTG

(Activity 2) Buy big - Win big

Active content: During the active period, users with their real names participating in LTG transactions and having accumulated net buying amount ≥ 1,000 LTG will be ranked according to the list of accumulated net buying accounts. Most (Top 30) and 4000 LTG will be allocated to the winners.

Time: 14:00 - 14:00 March 20, 2020 to 14:00 March 27, 2020 (Vietnam time).

Participants: All Dcoin users

Total reward value: 4000 LTG

Introducing Dcoin

Dcoin is the world's first derivative digital asset trading platform. It has received a VQF digital asset trading license issued by FINMA, the Swiss financial regulator, and has a security technology structure similar to the Swiss stock exchange. Nico B ü Chel CEO is technical director of Dcoin.

He has 17 years of experience working as a Technical Director of the Swiss Stock Exchange. Dcoin's investment institutions include JRR, Keyin Capital, Actoz Labs, etc. Currently, they have operating centers in Switzerland, Korea, Singapore, ....

Dcoin's digital and derivatives trading platform adopts the world's leading framework and Google Cloud and Amazon AWS-based technical solutions that can effectively prevent DDoS and other attacks.

Support dynamic and static data separation, storage of hot data queries, remote data recovery after disaster and extended parallelism, and effectively avoid common errors and loopholes through a variety of detect and optimize, and secure user transactions with financial-grade security technology standards.

LTG launches on Dcoin - New hard disk mining mode that anyone can join

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