Peter Brandt: "You should buy more XRP when the price drops to 0.00826 USD"

Community calling for Ripple

XRP price is currently trading at 97% lower than its historical high of nearly $ 3.3. Even so, legendary trader Peter Brandt still doesn't have much hope that the cryptocurrency owned by blockchain payment startup Ripple will recover.

In a recent tweet, when asked by a Twitter user from Vietnam - who claimed that she had invested in XRP since 2017 and is currently at a great loss, asking what she should do now, Brandt Make a half-joking, half-honest recommendation to buy more XRP when the coin hits $ 0.00826.

"I would highly recommend buying more XRP at $ 0.00826."

At the time of writing, XRP is trading at around $ 0.146, which means that Brandt is predicting Ripple's token could lose almost all of its value.

XRP could go lower

While the price target seems to be given randomly, this is not the first time Brandt has forecasted the XRP price with such a gray outlook. This is why he always causes controversy with the Ripple community.

On February 20, when XRP was priced at $ 0.28, Brandt predicted it could drop to $ 0.20. XRP finally reached that price level on March 8, 4 days before the sudden price drop that caused the coin to lose another 50%. By then, the price of XRP had dropped to as low as $ 0.10.

Brandt does not trust Bitcoin

Brandt, who predicted that the price of BTC could explode to $ 100,000 by 2021, has changed his mind after the coin's biggest price collapse since 2013. More realistically, this leading cryptocurrency price is returning to zero.

He also said that the upcoming halving of Bitcoin is being overestimated. He added that BTC has not ended its two-year downtrend.

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