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Everyone knows that when we do something over and over again, we will quickly master it, and we can do it as a habit. It's easy to say that maintaining practice to the proficiency is a challenge.

Whether we are patient or not, when we first come in contact with new things, we still sometimes find it difficult and depressing. Perhaps that is also the reason why many people want to shorten training time or give up.

The question is, how to train more effectively and master every skill you want?

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If you've ever had such a question, let me learn more about how the brain works, and some tips to help you learn a more effective skill in the article below!

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How to practice more effectively and master every skill we want?

#first. Why can we master a skill after training?

Repeating an action multiple times will form a habit, helping us to do it easier, faster, and more confidently. So to form a habit, how does the brain work?

The brain has two types of nerve tissue: gray matter and white matter. Gray matter helps process information in the brain, regulates signals and stimulates sensation to nerve cells. White matter is formed by the fat layer and nerve fibers.

For body parts to move, information is transferred from the gray matter to the spinal cord, via nerve fibers (called axons) => which is then transmitted to muscle fibers.

White matter wraps the chain of nerves (axon) with a fat (called Myelin). Myelin is like the plastic sheath of a wire, which helps prevent signal energy from being transmitted from the brain and transports it along the nerve pathway.

Practicing a skill multiple times will help form the Myelin sheath on axon fibers, creating a quick connection of information from the brain to the muscles.

Although we can't see the results right away, practice multiple times is a process of forming "muscular memory".

Check out the video below to learn how the brain works during exercise!

Video: Explain how the brain works during exercise

#2. How to master every skill you want?

So how to apply the above theory to practice, to be more effective here? Here are some methods that may sound simple but are all based on modern neuroscience knowledge:

  1. Regular exercise combined with break time: Research shows that professionals like athletes, musicians and dancers spend 50 to 60 hours a week on their professional activities. However, they do not practice immediately and divide their practice time into several times a day.
  2. Practice with imagination: In one study, 144 basketball players were divided into two teams. Team A Physical training is thrown freely with one hand, while the team B Just practice in the imagination. After two weeks of experience, they took the final test. Results showed that the experience of the two groups of players improved almost the same.
  3. Practice slowly: Practice again and again, regardless of whether you are doing it right or not. If you increase the speed of practice, you will have the opportunity to do better and be more accurate.
  4. Focus on the mission: Minimize distractions by turning off unnecessary equipment such as phones, TVs, computers, etc. Of course, avoid distractions that will give you quality training time.

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If you want to refer to some effective ways to practice, see 12 new methods of learning skills for all subjects of Wynton Marsalis!

Wynton Marsalis is a famous jazz composer in the USA. He affirmed that these 12 practices can be applied to anyone who wants to learn new skills, from musicians, dancers, sports to learning new languages.

Although it is impossible to practice to reach perfection, if you practice the right techniques, at least it will help you become more proficient. Therefore, you will soon master the skills you want if you maintain your faith and practice patiently.

Wish you early success!

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