Support free domain name email service for 10000 Vietnamese Businesses

HOSTVN brand has decided to build the program "support 10,000 small and medium enterprises to use free domain email service”Within 12 months. With the desire to accompany Vietnamese businesses to solve the difficulties faced by the complicated development of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as contribute a part of responsibility to the community to limit the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Email support program for free for 10k Businesses

Email support program for free for 10k Enterprise

With the goal of assisting 10,000 enterprises to cut part of expenses in the difficult period to overcome the Covid-19 crisis. Supporting objects are small-scale businesses with from 5 to 10 employees, helping to increase brand awareness and support online job exchange tools with customers, workers and businesses. Can exchange information, transfer work remotely via email to stay connected and improve productivity no matter where you are.

The content of the free domain email program is as follows:

The program will take effect from March 19, 2020 HOSTVN will provide support email solution package for 10,000 digital transformation SMEs from 5 to 10 users of free domain name email service. Use within 12 months.

1. Package of products and services: HOSTVN Business Email Service.

2. Conditions for free email domain names

2.1. Pack of 5 accounts - With a capacity of 5GB / 1 account applies to all subjects regardless of whether the customer is an individual or a business.

- Time of giving: 12 months of use from the date of giving.

2.2. Pack of 10 accounts - With a capacity of 1GB / 1 account for businesses with a size of 5-10 people and established from 2019-2020

- Bonus period: 12 months from the date of giving.

2.3. Package is larger than 10 accounts - For the whole enterprise larger than 10 people.

- Bonus period: 6 months payment and additional 6 months of use

Besides HOSTVN It is also recognized that the trend of online purchase of consumers is on the rise, so businesses need to be proactive in expanding their customer base through online channels instead of just relying on previous communication channels. . This program will help businesses quickly catch up with the needs and digital transformation trend of consumers in order to solve the unsold volume of goods through offline stores in the coming period.

Hopefully the program will bring practical value to you!



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