The 10 best affiliate marketing plugins for your WordPress


The 10 best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress - If you've considered starting your own link management system, this article might be helpful to get you started. If you are looking for the WordPress Plugin for affiliate marketing, read on.

You may have built the world's best WordPress theme, plugin or product, but that won't matter unless everyone knows about it, sometimes you need to take your business to the next level.

But how?

The first thing you need to consider is whether you have a quality product or not. Let's say you have a rockstar product. Your business or store is active and of course you are using WordPress as a platform. You have earned a little but not according to the plan you were up to. So what to do?

The way to increase traffic at the website is probably to start the affiliate program.

What is affiliate program?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is when someone promotes a product, brand or service and receives a reduction or percentage of the total sale price.

By starting your own affiliate program, website owners and others are able to sign up to become affiliate businesses. This is a win-win situation for both you and the branch. The more sales the affiliate makes, the higher the reduction they receive and the increase in revenue they get at the same time.

The best affiliate plugin for WordPress

If you decide to start your own affiliate program, there are several alternatives to choose from. Since the website is run by WordPress, the obvious choice would be to use a WordPress plugin, right? Therefore, we will introduce you the great and available plugin to launch your own affiliate marketing platform.

  1. AffiliateWP


AffiliateWP is probably the most used affiliate marketing plugin. This is a high quality, valuable plugin that helps you set up and manage all steps from the affiliate program. AffiliateWP integrates seamlessly with the entire WordPress e-commerce plugin and membership.

You can easily manage affiliates, have full control over top earning affiliates, view affiliate reports, moderate link registrations, referral tracking scripts and more.

Main feature:

  • Follow trusted links

  • Seamless integration

  • Agency unlimited

  • Control panel link

  • Real time report

  • Report the link personally

  • Referral tracking script

  • Track coupon code

  • Lots of gadgets and extensions

Price: $ 49 / website

  1. WP Affiliate Manager


WP Affiliate Manager is another premium WordPress plugin that helps you create and manage affiliate marketing. You can manage, track and pay directly to your affiliate from the WordPress website using this plugin! It fully integrates with WooCommerce, Simple WP Shopping Cart, WP eCommerce, WP eStore, Easy Digital Download, iTheme Exchange, Paid Memberhip Pro, Sell Digital Digital, S2Member.

Main feature:

  • Simple installation

  • Real time report

  • Agency unlimited

  • Fixed rate or percentage based on payment

  • Pay for the entire branch at once using Paypal's bulk payment

  • Sign up for custom links

  • Customizable email template

Price: Free version or $ 39 with Pro version.

  1. Post Affiliate Pro


Post Affiliate Pro is affiliate software to track potential customers, sign up for sales commissions. It has the free version installed as a WordPress plugin or you can use the hosted Post Affiliate Pro version, depending on your needs. You set up affiliate software with the full set of affiliate marketing features. The slim free version of features when the Pro version boasts hundreds of features.

Main feature:

  • Customizable link interface

  • Branch report

  • Multi-level marketing

  • Bulk payment

  • Many unique tracking methods

  • Banner type: Image banner, link, HTML or Flash

  • Subscribe direct link

Price: Free version or $ 29 / month with post at Pro server

  1. Affiliates Pro


With this plugin, you increase sales with WordPress website affiliate marketing. Start your own affiliate management system for affiliate groups to promote products under the same brand to increase sales!

The plugin comes with a solid framework and lots of management tools available on the back. It includes everything you need to start an affiliate program. There is a free version if you want to try it out before switching to the Pro version for more advanced features. Check out key features from the Pro version.

Main feature:

  • Real time report

  • Integrate with e-commerce platform with membership

  • Agency unlimited

  • Recruitment links easily

  • Fixed commission, percentage or formula-based

  • Flexible link area

  • Bulk payment

Price: Free version or $ 59 Affiliate Pro | More information

  1. Shortlink by Pretty Links


Shortlink by Pretty Links agrees to let you create short URLs with your own domain name, unlike websites like or This plugin has another feature: customize the URL or track details of each click from this URL (with information on the browser, source and OS).

Depending on your needs, there is a Pro version from Pretty Link with other possibilities: replacing keywords or URLs, redirecting, tracking analytics from Google, social sharing buttons, auto-tweet links.

Price: Free version or $ 57 to $ 197 / YR Pretty Links Pro

  1. ThirstyAffiliates


ThirstyAffiliates, link management tool, developed for marketers who want to make money from the websites they own. Arrange and personalize links freely: navigation, DoFollow / NoFollow options, shortcodes

ThirstyAffiliates has a free version, but there are also a few paid modules (geolocation, statistics, and automation) that make package pricing different. Choose the package that best suits your needs.

Price: Free version or $ 49 to $ 149 ThirstyAffiliates Pro

  1. WooCommerce Refer a Friend


Marketing recommendations are an important source of income for online stores. Encourage customers to invite friends to buy products on the website, via links, social networks or email. Customers promote products or services. Whenever a friend registers at the website through this link, the customer initially benefits from the coupon.

Price: $ 17

See more: How to make money from the website

  1. WordPress Affiliate & Referral Plugin


WordPress Affiliate & Referral is an affiliate plugin that includes countless features and is cheap. It handles many features:

  • Unlimited number of branches

  • Several options for branch payments, including Paypal Mass Pay

  • Short codes for sharing links (including Facebook, Twitter and Google+)

  • Statistics per user, per month with the cookie tracking system

  • Specific application for Android OS

  • Email notification to the branch with each new registration

Price: $ 20

Third party link management system

Of course there are many other solutions besides the unique WordPress plugin to create the link management system. There are other solutions but the decision is probably really difficult.

So, consider some third party affiliate software systems that are probably the better alternatives for WordPress plugins.

  1. ShareASale


ShareASale is a large affiliate platform that has been around for a long time. They have a huge affiliate network and a great reputation in affiliate marketing. Set up your own affiliate program at ShareASale at $ 650 to get started, then pay a small commission for every sale.

There are many benefits of using ShareASale. For newbies, they process and write free checks to your branch every month, pre-screen your entire branch, provide a variety of integrated services to help you set up, build, and develop the program. Your links and more.

Main feature:

  • Real time tracking

  • Four-week training program

  • Webinar

  • Program diagnostics

  • Merchant API for reporting data

Price: $ 650 to get started

  1. Impact Radius


Impact Radius is another affiliate marketing platform with many solutions. Even when Impact Radius is not as big as ShareASale, they still provide excellent link solution and tracking technology. You fully automate the strategic marketing and affiliate program with flexible contracts and automated payment processing systems for direct link management and program development.

Impact Radius requires a monthly fee and often commits a 1 year obstacle to small businesses. However, Impact Radius is still a great choice because the program from them includes a lot of great features and options that you take advantage of, creating good conditions for managing affiliate programs.

Main function:

  • Software platform as a service to increase profits.

  • Automate signing, tracking, reporting and payment

  • Integrated mobile tracking and accurate communication tracking

  • Real-time performance data

  • Electronic orders

  • Radius Impact ROI Calculator

  • Global market

Price: Monthly fee


We have introduced you to various ways to set up your own affiliate program and it really requires consideration, time and effort to launch the program. Whichever type you choose, we are absolutely convinced it will help grow your business and increase your income. Despite the disagreement about whether to use a WordPress plugin or a third-party product like ShareASale, in the end, it really depends on each person's needs and preferences.

Perhaps it comes with a higher cost to use third-party products, but in return, it leads to better tracking, better fraud protection and automatic payments, etc. While affiliate programs that host themselves as WordPress plugins are usually less expensive, they require you to work a bit more. So it is not the easiest choice, right?

Source : 9 Steps to Creating a Free Sales Website without spending a penny.


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