The FBI arrested the founder and closed the darkweb site DEER.IO

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has shut down a Russian-based website that hosts online stores involved in the sale of illegal goods and services and accepts payment by electricity bill. death.

FBI closed DEER.IO, grabbed the founder

Last Tuesday, US Department of Justice said The FBI sought to bring down DEER.IO, an online platform that stores hundreds of stores that sell cybercrime products and services such as hacked accounts and data.

Earlier, the media discovered that the FBI arrested platform operator Kirill Victorovich Firsov on March 7, at John F. Kennedy Airport, New York.

The website displays an FBI notice informing its arrest.

DEER.IO has been around since at least the end of 2013. At the time of its arrest, it had stored more than 24,000 stores with a total sales of about $ 17 million. The arrest warrant is issued by the Southern California District Court.

Hackers have been a serious problem for the cryptocurrency community, and many of them may have used stolen data sold on DEER.IO to access cryptocurrency exchange accounts and people's wallets. user. American lawyer Robert Brewer commented:

There is a strong underground market for stolen information, and this is a novel way to try to advertise it to criminals in hopes of not getting caught. Hackers are a threat to our economy, privacy and national security, and it cannot be tolerated.

Charge 80 rubles monthly

Last year, cyber criminals who wanted to create a store on DEER.IO were charged 800 rubles a month, which is about $ 12.50. Fees can be paid with Bitcoin or several online payment systems, including Russian money transfer service WebMoney.

When cybercriminals secure their position on the platform, the store is guided through an automated setup to upload products and services and bring up a digital wallet to collect payment.

The FBI looked at about 250 stores used by hackers to sell thousands of accounts and PII files including US usernames, passwords, addresses, and Social Security Numbers. Most of the victims are from the US and Europe.

Last year, Bitcoin Magazine reported that Hydra, Russia's largest darkweb market, had planned to build a global, decentralized and even ICO market.

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According to Bitcoinist

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