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If you are experiencing issues such as jerky, lag or Ping issues when playing PUBG Mobile, I think this article will be very helpful for you.

PUBG Mobile is truly a great game, with beautiful graphics, dramatic battles, and currently the game is attracting more than 10 million gamers in Vietnam.

But most gamers in Vietnam are not satisfied with the memory level is too high of this game. The more you update, the heavier the game, along with the lag and lag issue of the device, which makes many brothers unable to keep calm when playing the game.

Of course, every problem has a solution and this problem is no exception. Let's take a look at the extremely effective ways to fix lag !!!

Of course I would not recommend buying a new device, because everyone knows that just buying a high-configuration machine will play well :)) Therefore, this way is only for those who own a smartphone with Configuration is not too high, okay 😀

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Okay, now I will share the methods to help you optimize your existing phone to make the game better.

#first. Use the Gfx Tool application

One of the best tools available on CH Play that can help you unlock 60fps is that Gfx Tool.

Note: You can search directly on CH PLay as instructed below, or get quick access here !

pubg-lag-game-pubg-mobile (1)

In addition, the Gfx Tool application also helps minimize lag when gaming, as it provides options So smooth eliminates unnecessary graphics and reduces latency while playing.

To download the Gfx Tool follow these steps:

  1. Go to the application Google Play Store.
  2. Search Gfx Tool
  3. Download and install
  4. Open up the Gfx Tool to start using it.
  5. Select the version of PUBG you are playing.
  6. Adjust the graphic mode down So smooth
  7. Adjust the graphics resolution to 1024 x 576
  8. Classic style (Classic)
  9. Select the 60fps type in the Fps section of the application.
  10. Turn off the ball
  11. Adjust the output quality to Low
  12. Turn off the light effects
  13. Activated Save control
  14. Enables GPU optimization to reduce unnecessary effects.
  15. Save Settings and enter the fighting game 😀

pubg-lag-game-pubg-mobile (1)

#2. Force 4x MSAA

You can also fix the lag in PUBG Mobile with just a small setting in Android developer mode.

More specifically, Android developers have made available to those who use an Android device an option to run the game more smoothly and smoothly. The option that I want to mention is named Force 4x MSAA !

Android developers have hidden this option so by default you won't be able to see it. However, if you prefer, you can still activate and use as usual.

To enable developer and Force 4x MSAA options, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the settings (Settings) of the machine.
  2. Click on the section Giới thiệu about the machine.
  3. Click repeatedly on the section Build version (10 times in a row, guys).
  4. Your developer options will now be displayed in your device settings. (In case if you can't find it, look for the option in your settings.)
  5. Activate developer options.
  6. Swipe down and find Force Force 4x MSAA => and activate it.
  7. Reboot your device.
  8. Finally enter the game only brothers !!!

See also the article: Instructions to enable developer mode on Android devices

# 3. Uninstall unnecessary applications

Removing unnecessary applications frees up RAM usage, has more storage space on the machine, and it will eliminate unnecessary processes running in the background.

At the request of PUBG Mobile, your device must have at least 2 GB of RAM or above. So, you should uninstall unnecessary applications from your smartphone, this will free up most of the RAM on that machine.

# 4. Install Game Booster to fix jerk, Lag in PUBG Mobile

Game Booster will significantly improve your gaming experience by closing all background running apps.

Game Booster is considered to be the best application to reduce recoil and lag when playing PUBG Moblie on smartphones, it is the best in the list of current game optimization applications.

You can download the Game Booster application here !

pubg-lag-game-pubg-mobile (2)

Note: At the moment, many Android devices (especially those from Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo ...) have been equipped with an application to increase the performance and optimize the smoothness of the game, so if the phone is If you already have the optimal app, you probably don't need to download it.

# 5. Clear the internal memory space

Delete files that you do not use, such as audio files, video ... from the internal memory of the device, this will help optimize the smoothness of the game.

To clear the internal memory space, follow these steps:

  1. Open your file manager.
  2. Scan large files in Bộ nhớ trong your.
  3. Delete excess redundant files that you do not need.
  4. Restart the phone and run the game.

Of course, for those machines with large internal memory capacity, you can also skip this step.

# 6. Clear the Cache

Whenever you run an application, it will take up a certain amount of resources in your device, so please clear all the cache of the applications installed on your device.

To clear the cache, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the settings of the machine.
  2. Open the application management section.
  3. Select a running application.
  4. Clear its cache.
  5. Restart your computer and run the game.

# 7. Turn off applications that are running in the background

When you open an application, and then move to the home screen without completely shutting down the apps, the default will run in the background, so it will increase the usage. Use their RAM and PIN.

// For iOS, Apple has optimized this very well, that you can keep the software open without having to turn it off completely. It will not affect the performance of the machine.

Besides, different system apps will also run in the background in your device. To turn off applications that are running in the background, follow these steps:

  1. Go to section Cài đặt of the machine.
  2. Go to Application Management.
  3. Select the Installed application item.
  4. Click on Running applications.
  5. Turn off the applications in that item.
  6. Reboot the device and play the game only ^^.

#8. Fix and Fix game errors

Sometimes, there may also be a small error in the download file of PUBG Mobile. But we can fix those errors easily through the following steps:

During the game download you have three options: Setting, Repair and Language.

Click on it Sửa chữa and the game will be reinstalled in your phone. Make sure your device has enough memory to reinstall it.

Small tip :))

In addition, you can improve and optimize the gaming capabilities of your phone through some other tips such as:

  • Make sure the Wifi or Internet transmitter you are using is stable.
  • Make sure you mute the Speaker and Mic when not in use during the game.

Yes, so we have just reviewed 8 ways to overcome the lag and lag when playing PUBG Mobile. In addition to the ways I just shared above, if you know any other effective methods, do not hesitate to share below this article.

Good luck !!

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