Binance Futures organizes a trading contest with prizes of up to USD 1 million BNB

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Crypto exchange Binance will host a trading tournament where participants can compete with different teams to win up to $ 1 million worth of BNB tokens.

According to the notification, this tournament will take place between April 10 and April 25, and takes place in two ways: daily ROI and team profit (in USDT).

Binance explained that all teams - traders are permanently on contract Binance Futures, during the competition, will be ranked based on the team's total USDT profit, which corresponds to the total top 10 individual results in the team.

Conditions of the trading team

The total prize of USD 1 million worth of BNB tokens will be allocated as follows: The first place will receive 30% of the total reward. Second and third place get 20%. Fourth to 10th place will share the remaining 40%.

Among other conditions, Binance said that the allocation of rewards to each team will be made on the basis that each team leader will receive 30% of the total reward of that team.

The top 10 individual USDT profit contributors will receive a 20% split, while the other team members will receive the remaining 50% equally.

Popular rewards are awarded

Binance clarified that the team members must register for the trading contest from March 26 to April 10, and that there will be no changes after the registration deadline.

Besides that, a "common bonus" worth $ 5,000 worth of BNB tokens will be given to the leader with the largest team.

Readers can sign up for a Binance Future account here if not.

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According to CoinTelegraph
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