Central Bank of Netherlands wants to lead development of digital Euro | Money Blog

In a 45-page report published April 21, the central bank of the Netherlands said it was eligible to develop and test the digital Euro.

The bank says it wants to build a leading platform for the development of digital currencies by the European Central Bank.

The report also identified Libra as a threat to monetary stability and acknowledged:

That is why the Central Bank of the Netherlands and other central banks are currently considering issuing their own digital currencies.

Since the Corona epidemic broke out, there has been a marked increase in the number of people using digital payment devices for daily transactions. The report added that many shops were still operating during the epidemic season but asked customers not to use cash.

Earlier, in a statement, the People's Bank of China said it would definitely continue to develop CBDC. Besides, both Korea and Sweden launched pilot programs to assess the feasibility of issuing a centralized digital currency.

A number of EU members have also recently started testing digital euros.

The Central Bank of the Netherlands wants to lead the development of the digital Euro

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