CoinMarketCap listed Token "Toilet Paper", immediately occupying the No. 1 position of Bitcoin

Coinmarketcap opened Token sale

On the occasion of April Fool's Day (April 1), CoinMarketCap - the most popular cryptocurrency market data website in the world, listed Toilet Paper Token (TPT) - Toilet Paper Token, on the page of me with a market capitalization exceeding Bitcoin (BTC).

The website is famous for rating the market cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Only after launching this token did TPT sell out.

Somewhere in the world it might just be March 31, but this joke officially landed in the Asia-Pacific region today.

Source: Coinmarketcap
Source: Coinmarketcap

A "cute" joke in times of crisis

April 2020 is taking place amid fears that the covid-19 pandemic is still escalating and the market continues to sink into recession.

Many governments around the world have advised their people to stay home to avoid infecting the community. However, it was this recommendation that caused the local scarcity of goods, and items such as "toilet paper" were also completely empty.

Coinmarketcap Toilet Paper Token is currently priced at 1.64 USD, an increase of 1,123.97% within 24 hours, with 41,758,500,000 USD of market capitalization. (Of course all security tokens are just a joke.)

Click on the token to see "Wipe Paper" (Whitepaper version of toilet paper)

When you click on the token section "Wipe Paper" of this asset type, you will see it was published on April 1.

The "Wipe paper" details the process of formation and development of toilet paper over the ages, and marks the era of "blooming" today as consumers have scrambled to reserve as much as possible. toilet paper body.

Token's Wipe Paper Toilet paper refers to the tokenization of this type of product, using the "sanitary" contracting protocol and the ISO (Initial Toilet Paper Distribution Event) - Initial Scattering Offering. The total supply for this token is 8 billion and is currently being traded on the "Shitake exchange".

Toilet Paper Token will also comply with applicable regulations. "The KYC policy - Colonic Identity will be integrated with the Proof-of-Wipe protocol" to make it more convenient for customers to use this token.

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