EZOIC - Alternative advertising network Google Adsense increased 588% of income - Around - Hoang Ngoc Quang Anh

What is ezoic?

Ezoic is a Google partner, an ad network that helps website owners or blogs to place ads for money. Ezoic is a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize ads based on reader behavior.

In addition to optimizing revenue from advertising, Ezoic also improves the SEO capabilities of the website through optimizing user experience such as increasing the loading speed of the website, placing reasonable ad position according to the audience. , etc.

If you are using Google Adsense but find that low revenue needs to find another network instead, EZOIC is the best choice.

If you have ever made money with Google Adsense on your website or blog, know that the income per 1000 page views for the Vietnamese market is very low. Ezoic is the best choice for you

The best ad network replaces Google Adsense

This is a 1-week income of Google Adsense, you pay attention to 11,962 Page View, then Google Adsense pays you $ 4.34 (both views and clicks on ads).

Calculated on every 1000 page views will be about $ 0.36, too low right you

This is my 1-week income in EZOIC (because I share a lot of pages so the page view has a spike)

You notice the EPMV column, this is the income calculated per 1000 page views. With every 1000 views now I get paid an average of $ 2.01 compared to Google Adsense $ 0.36 => the income has increased 588% too much, right guys

How to register an EZOIC account

Step 1: Please click this link To register an EZOIC account: Click here to register

Or click on the image below to register

Step 2: Click Start Free Trial to register

Step 3: Please fill in the registration information form below to register your account

Step 4: here you tick the necessary items then click continue (I'm all selected)

Step 5: Here you follow the instructions of EZOIC to integrate into your website, I will have a more detailed post about this integration.

How to receive money from Ezoic

Currently, Ezoic pays by two main channels: Paypal or Payoneer. When you reach the $ 20 threshold you can withdraw money, this is better than Google Adsense! With Google Adsense, they pay only when revenue from $ 100 or more only.

Step 1: In the main interface, click on the right corner of the screen to select Payment Settings to set up a payment

Step 2: in the PAYMENT THRESHOLD section you choose Update Payment Threshold to update the payment threshold, with EZOIC minimum of $ 20

In the FORM OF PAYMENT section, select the form of payment then fill in, here I choose to pay via Paypal, you only need to enter your Paypal account and the address is done.

EZOIC will then automatically pay at the end of the month for you if you reach the minimum payment threshold

Pros and cons of Ezoic

After a few months I switched from Google Adsense to Ezoic, I have a few reviews like this.

Advantages of Ezoic

  • The revenue is many times higher than Adsense

  • Low payment threshold, reaching $ 20 is transferred lower than Google Adsense is $ 100

  • It's easier to sign up than Google Adsense, so I subscribe for approval within the day. If you sign up for Google Adsense forever, then you can choose Ezoic

  • Ezoic Support is much better than Google Adsense, whatever you ask, they support them

  • Register for the Vietnamese website.

  • Ads are automatically optimized to maximize revenue and user experience.

  • There are many tools to support website acceleration like CDN, Site Speed, Caching, etc.

  • Website acceleration support

Cons of Ezoic

  • Your website must have a minimum of 10,000 page views per month to register for Ezoic

  • Your website will have more ads than Google Adsense

  • Page load speed measured by popular tools will get a low score. But on the Ezoic side they have posts explaining why, and it doesn't affect SEO.




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