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Putting your computer to sleep mode (sleep mode) is probably the choice of many of you when you want to pause the job to get some fresh air out.

Or for laptops, when you fold the screen, the computer will default to the Sleep state. When you want to use it again, you just need to open the Laptop and type in a catch key to "wake up" the computer. And now you can continue but the unfinished work just now rồi

If you have not really figured out what the Sleep mode is, I recommend you read through this article:

That's great, but a lot of you say their computer has an extremely uncomfortable situation related to Sleep mode, that is, all their applications are closed when Windows is on. They switch to Sleep mode.

Like the way you restarted the computer, all the programs that are in progress are turned off.

This means that you may lose all the documents that you are currently in the middle of working on, those that you have not yet saved.

Therefore, in this article, I will share some ways to fix Windows 10 error when closing the application when Sleep!

I. How to fix Windows 10 automatically closes the application when Sleep

// This tutorial I guide directly on Windows 10, but you can apply to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 too.

You will often get this error after installing new updates, changes to the Windows 10 system, or because of power installation errors or conflicts with 3rd party software.

Now try the following ways to fix the error:

#first. Use the Power Troubleshooter tool

Whenever we encounter any errors on the system, the first tool that we should use is the toolkit Troubleshooter Available on Windows.

And in this case, the Power Troubleshooter will automatically correct common Power Plans related errors, it will bring the settings in Power Plan back to the default settings.

This debugging tool helps you check settings, such as the time the device automatically turns off the screen, automatically Sleep, ..., the use of this tool also helps to adjust and increase the amount of time used for the PIN of Laptop too. Which is probably more accurate to say is to save Battery for Laptop.


First you open Windows Search up (use combination Windows + S) => then enter the keyword Troubleshooter => and open the tool named Troubleshoot Settings in the list of search results.


In the window Troubleshoot Settings hey, scroll down to find the item Power => click on it and select Run the Troubleshooter to run the Windows 10 Power Plans debugger.


Wait for the tool to run for a while and until it shows the appropriate settings for your computer, just click Apply this fix To apply these settings is done.

repair-windows-10-automatically-automatically-when-sleep-wake (3)

Okay, now let's try it, open a piece of software or anything => then turn off your computer in Sleep => and turn it back on to see if it still exists. If that's done then!

If there is still such condition, continue on to method 2.

#2. Use the script in the Command Prompt

+ Step 1: If the above does not work, then try this way, first you open Windows Run (use Windows + R) => and enter notepad => and then press OK to open the familiar Notepad editor.


+ Step 2: Next, copy and paste the commands you put below Notepad => then press CTRL + S to save this file.

Note that you can save this file with whatever name you want, file extensions - that is, the file format you want it to be .BAT Please ! To do that, when saving select All files (.) in section Save as type to save the tail .bat OK.

Or If you don't know how to create, download the file you created already here or here !

Copy the following code:

@echo off
date / t & time / t
echo Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / StartComponentCleanup
Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / StartComponentCleanup
echo ...
date / t & time / t
echo Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth
Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth
echo ...
date / t & time / t
echo SFC / scannow
SFC / scannow
date / t & time / t

sleep-fix-windows-10-automatically-automatically-when-sleep-wake (5)

+ Step 3: Finally double-click on the file *.bat There to run => and wait for the scan process in Command Prompt completed only.

If you download an existing file, please extract it first, then run the file * .bat Or right-click on the file => and select Run as administrator to run as administrator.

When the scan is complete, you restart the computer and check if the error is fixed or not. If the situation still doesn't go away, then try the last method below!

sleep-fix-windows-10-automatically-automatically-when-sleep-wake (6)

# 3. Re-enable the Hybrid Sleep feature in Power Plans

The Hybrid Sleep feature allows the application to remain active but at the lowest power consumption when the computer is in the Sleep state. If it is disabled, it will cause the error that we are fixing in this article.


+ Step 1: Open the Run dialog box (Windows + R) => then type control go to => and press Enter to open Control Panel

+ Step 2: At the window Control Panel, you enter the keyword Power into the search box => and look in the list of results as shown below.

In section Power Options, you click on the line Edit Power Plan to open Windows 10's Power Plan setting.

sleep-fix-windows-10-automatically-automatically-when-sleep-wake (7)

+ Step 3: The window to set the time to turn off the screen and automatically switch to Windows Sleep mode when using a PIN and when charging is plugged into the machine appears.

We don't need to set anything here, so keep clicking Change advanced power settings please give me.

sleep-fix-windows-10-automatically-automatically-when-sleep-wake (8)

+ Step 4: In the window Power Settings hey, scroll down => and click the plus sign next to 2 items Sleep and Hybrid Sleep.

Here, you check if the two lines are Plugged in and On Battery There are in state OFF or not !

If so, please switch both lines ON All as in the picture => and then click OK to complete the setup, guys!

repair-windows-10-automatically-automatically-when-sleep-wake (9)

Now continue to test the results again 😀

II. Epilogue

Above are 3 simple and most effective ways to help you fix, fix Windows 10 computer automatically close all applications when Sleep.

If the three ways above still cannot fix this error, then you only have to reinstall Windows or try removing the recent Windows updates only. Hope it will be helpful to you. Good luck !

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