Guide to clean Wordpress Database website fastest

Database, also known as database, stores all information of a website. For webmasters, Database optimization work needs to know. To help clean the WordPress Database and speed up the blog faster than inviting you to refer to the following article.

Why should you clean up databases in WordPress?

Regardless of the site after a long time of use, there is a slow phenomenon. One of the causes is that the Database is bloated due to uploading data, articles, or modifying plugins.

If you do not clean, the page load speed will be increasingly touched. As you know for Seo, this is an error not to be missed. To grow traffic, keywords to a higher position, you definitely need to clean up the Database.

Clean WordPress Database with WP-Sweep

Using the Plugin is always a safe choice for beginners to use WordPress. Just download and install, then turn on for the garbage scanning plugin is done.

Download WP-Sweep here

Click on it Tools => Sweep

In the management section will see notifications about Revisions, Auto Drafts, the total number of comments, Term, Option ...

Next, you scroll down to the bottom and click Sweep All and wait a moment for WP-Sweep to clean the trash.

After the scan is complete you should turn it off to avoid affecting the website speed.

Empty the Database in WordPress with the MySQL command

This way is quite dangerous, so it is best to Back up the Database in case of "accidentally" losing data. (Read the article: Instructions for backing up WordPress manually and Plugin website).

If you do not know how to access the Cpanel Hawkhost User Guide, Stablehost

Began work on it!

Click on the SQL tab

Type the command

DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE ‘%transient% ’

Press done

Delete the table of the plugins that are no longer in use

Conclusion: Above are some ways to help you clean and optimize Database in WordPress simply. In order not to be in trouble, it is best to use the Plugin. As for deleting tables, it is not safe if you do not really understand.


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