Guide to sign up for gmail step by step with pictures 2020

What is a Gmail account?

Gmail account is a free emailing platform. It allows you to send and receive mail as usual and allows you to customize many things through its interface. A major difference between Gmail and competitors like Yahoo is that there is no advertising on this platform.

What are the benefits?

When you sign up for a Gmail account, you're also signing up for a Google account.

This means you have access to all of the bundled Google services if you have an account.

This is why having a very flexible Gmail account. Not only can you check your mail, you can also get documents written on Google Docs or organize your day with Google Calendar.

How long does it take to create a Gmail account?

Creating a Gmail account is extremely easy, all just need some general details like your name, date of birth, ext. This will allow you to create a Google account through which you can access Gmail.

The whole process will only take about 5-10 minutes.

Create a Gmail account on desktop

First, we need to visit the Google account creation page. Visit your account / signup , It will open a new page to start creating your Gmail account.

The page starts creating a Google account

Next, you need to fill in these details; First name, last name, username, password . Then just click the ‘Next’ button to continue.

Enter basic details for a Google account

Then just add a little more info before you get started. Your phone number and recovery email are optional but you must fill in the rest of the form, such as your date of birth and gender .

Enter details to create a Google account

You will now need to verify a phone number. Just enter your phone in the blank and click next so Gmail can send a verification code to it.

Verify your phone number for a Google account

Go ahead and check your message for a text from Gmail. Enter the number sent to you in the space (ex: G-878788, enter 878788).

Text received from Google for verification

Enter the Google verification code

Next, you need to agree to the Googles privacy statement and terms. Scroll right to the bottom of the deal and click next at the bottom of the box area.

Scroll down to Agree to Google Terms

Click to agree to the Google Terms

Great, now you have successfully created a Google Account. This is your main control panel, where you can control the settings for your account.

Google account control panel after creation

Now, to access your Gmail inbox, go to

gmail dashboard


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