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You may not know it, recently Google has made a few feature changes when using its Google Drive service.

More specifically, when you right-click on a file / folder shared by someone else, you won't see the button. Add to My Drive (Add to My Drive) like before.

Instead you only have the option Thêm lối tắt vào Drive, it's like you created a shortcut on your Google Drive.

This way, you will still have quick access to files that have been shared by others, but you will not be able to sync that file with your computer.

To make it easier for you to imagine, the following is the image before and after Google changes the function:
how-to-add-file-to-my-google-drive- (3)
These are the functions available before the change

how-to-add-file-to-my-google-drive- (1)

After the change, the Add To My Drive function has been removed

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Accordingly, as of March 26, 2020, Google has changed some functions as follows:

  1. Add to my drive (Add to My Drive) => Removed from Menu.

  2. When you perform Drag and Drop from the item Shared with me (Shared with me) => Now will create a Shortcut for the file.

  3. Or when you make drag and drop + Ctrl in the other part =>, also create Shortcut for the file.

  4. You can use keystrokes Shift + Z to perform the feature Add to my drive (Add to My Drive)

How to add shared Google Drive to your Google Drive?

Actually, it is very simple only, you access the section Được chia sẻ với tôi, then select the file you want to add to your Google Drive account.

For example, here I will add the file Countrer Strike go to your Drive. Click on the file as shown below.

how-to-add-file-to-my-google-drive- (2)

After you just use the key combination SHIFT + Z => this will appear a dialog box => you just need to select the location to add in Drive của tôi => and click the button Thêm is done.

how-to-add-file-to-my-google-drive- (1)


So I have to guide you how to add shared Google Drive to Google Drive yours then. Now if someone asks you why you don't see the Add to My Drive feature in Google Drive, show them this article 😀

Hope this tip will be helpful to you, wish you success!

Kien Nguyen -

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