How to add a WooCommerce registration form field to the website


How to add WooCommerce registration form field - To get started, make sure the WooCommerce registration form is enabled at the account login page. To know this, go to WooCommerce> Settings> Accounts, check Activate customer registration at the My account page.


Once this option is enabled, you will see the WooCommerce registration form at the entrance.

Obviously this is a fairly modest form of WooCommerce, however, we can add more fields to this structure using the following action. Currently, to include additional fields such as first name, last name, phone number, etc., include the following line of code at the end of the.php function, located in the interface directory on your side.


Now if you refresh the page, you will see the field added to the WooCommerce registration form.


In order to associate this registration form field with the payment address, you must include the bill payment prefix_above the field name in advance. The following is a list of all valid WooCommerce form fields added to the registration form, associated with the billing address.

  • billing_first_name

  • invoice full name

  • bill_company

  • Billing_address_1

  • Billing_address_2

  • bill_city

  • bill_postcode

  • country of payment

  • bill_state

  • pay by email

  • telephone bill

Now we also need to confirm this newly added form field. To validate this structure field, include the code that comes with the end of the file.php. Located in the interface folder.


If you like this function code, you will understand that it is simply checking the $ _POST array for form values ​​including error messages if the value is not available or the data is invalid.

Along this line, you also include different validation rules, you also add authentication rules to different fields. You see custom authentication rules from us being applied:


Finally, this value needs to be saved to the database.

To insert values ​​in the database, add the following function to the interface.php file:


We are done here! Now the recently added field has been added, confirmed, inserted for future use.

At the billing address page of your account, you need to click edit to get there. You see the value from the registration form that has been filled out.


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WooCommerce Edit my account page - An alternative method

If you want to use an alternative method to register the WooCommerce form field, you use the WooCommerce hook to edit the WooCommerce account page.

The following code snippet illustrates the process:


Here is what the resulting snippet will look like:


The code that starts with WooCommerce_edit_my_account_page () is used at the end of the snippet. This function returns a multidimensional array that contains information about the field (type, label, placeholder, required or not) that you are adding to the form.

To ensure the field value is updated, the array will be processed further through the WooCommerce_form_field () function.

In the next half of the paragraph, I used the edit_my_account_page_WooCommerce () function. As you can see, the $ field variable contains an array created by the WooCommerce_edit_my_account_page () function. This is repeated using a foreach () loop.

Add your required WooCommerce form field

As you can see the excerpt mentioned is very flexible, you can add any type of field you want by providing the appropriate field structure value in the $ field array.

Here are some examples:




List of options


Here's how this option will look in the form:


You save this value at the function wooc_save_extra_register_fields (), mentioned.


This guide agrees users to add an additional WooCommerce registration form field at the signup page, which is the MyCom WooCommerce account page. So now you can add more fields besides first name, last name, contact ..

I hope you find the article useful. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, I'll get back to you!


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