How to adjust the speed of mouse win 10 extremely fast and simple

Adjust the speed of the computer mouse is essential if you find the mouse pointer speed too fast or too slow. You can then increase or decrease the mouse speed as you like. For some gaming mice, these mice come with a mouse speed control button. And you just need to click this button adjust mouse speed Win 10.

However, most of the mice we use are normal mice. And certainly there will be no buttons. So, how can you change the mouse speed as you like? This is not difficult. You can easily set it up in Windows Settings. And the content below, Do Bao Nam Blog will share with you one good computer tips so you can do this. You can refer to the details in the video, or the illustration below.

Video tutorial on how to adjust the mouse speed Win 10

The way Do Bao Nam Blog works in this video applies to all computers and PCs with Windows 10 installed. That means, no matter which computer you use this laptop, just need a computer to install Windows 10 and you can adjust the rate of slashing. computer in this way. With just a few quick steps, you can change the movement speed of the computer mouse as you like. You can refer to the steps in detail in the video below:


How to adjust the speed of Windows 10 mouse details through artwork

Same as How to turn on Bluetooth on computer, you still go to the Windows Settings to set. This method applies to all devices using Windows 10. So, whether you use a laptop or a PC, you only need to follow these steps:

Step 01: Access to Settings of Windows 10

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First, click on start, click on the gear icon set as in the image (already circled in red)

Step 02: Click Devices on the Windows Settings window. Then, click on the Mouse in the left menu (the picture of a computer mouse). Find and click Additional mouse options.

How to turn on bluetooth on Windows 10 computer via Settings
Click Devices to enter the computer mouse settings.
Click on Mouse to adjust mouse speed Win 10
Click on Mouse in the menu, then on Additional mouse options.

Step 03: In the window Mouser Properties appears, click on the tab Pointer Options. At this tab, you can adjust the mouse speed in the first part, that is Motion. You drag left (slow) to reduce the mouse speed. Or drag right (fast) to speed up the mouse. After adjustment is complete, click Apply -> OK.

Adjust the speed of the computer mouse then click Apply, OK
When the Mouser Properties window appears, click the Pointer Options tab. Then, you drag the slider to adjust the speed of the computer mouse. You drag to the right (fast) to increase the speed, to the left (slow) to reduce the speed. Then click on Apply, and select OK.

So how to adjust the speed of mouse Win 10 very simple right? Just follow the 3 concise steps above. In addition, if you are a gamer, you can completely press the control button on your mouse. And as I think, most gaming mice have this button integrated. And you just have to press the button to reduce or speed up the mouse.


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