How to create fast video subtitles quickly for free

The future of internet content and social media sharing is in
video. But many social media platforms mute their videos by default. Hearing that
video, you have to turn on the volume or have subtitles attached.

For safety, it is better to have both. A lot of people scroll through their social media at high speeds, so all they will see is that you silently say your words.

Which is pretty much useless. But on the other hand, what if there are subtitles? They can then read something that you said was interesting. Interesting enough to stop scrolling and turn on the volume. Unless they are in a public space, in that case, subtitles are essential.

Many people advertise their audio reproduction service in places like Fiverr and Upwork. But quite honestly, even the cheapest quotes can make you hesitate if you have a tight budget (or no budget).

Previously, Iveve also wrote about creating your own subtitles with free software, but it was quite time consuming. This is why you can get them done quickly and for free, using YouTube.

Waiting for YouTube?

Not many people realize this, but every video uploaded to YouTube will be automatically copied by the service. To prove it, visit any YouTube video and click Subtitles / closed captions Options at the bottom right of the video.

Then you will see the subtitles begin when the person starts
to speak.

You can see immediately that transliteration is not
perfect. It is made by computers, not real people. So if you have a strange
My voice, the words will be disturbed. If it can hear a word, it
guess (sometimes funny). In addition, it is usually not included.

That doesn't mean that transliteration is useless. I would say the accuracy rate is 80-90%. For a free service, it's great and fixing bugs really doesn't take long.

Many people choose not to fix subtitle errors, because they don't recognize the subtitles there in the first place or through absolute laziness. This is a big mistake because subtitles can really make a difference in the number of participants with your video.

You can correct the errors in the subtitle and upload again
into your YouTube video. Or use that file wherever you want. Watch it
Free gifts from Google.

Upload your video to YouTube

The first step is obviously to post your video on YouTube. I
will recommend uploading it privately or unlisted until you receive it
Subtitles are sorted out.

Private or unlisted videos are also good if you don't have a plan
keep videos on YouTube and just upload there to take advantage
subtitle service.

Click the camera icon in the top right corner of YouTube and select Upload the video.

On the next page, before When you drop the video onto the page, choose your list option. Private and unlisted are pretty much the same for me, but I tend to choose Private.

Now drop your video into the upload window and let it upload
to YouTube. To make videos faster, choose low resolution videos at small size
size as possible. But do not ignore the sound quality. The worse the quality
The transcription will be worse.

Access your subtitles

When your video is sitting on YouTube, leave it there for
when. I have noticed that sometimes copying audio may take a while.
Clearly the videos are lined up to copy in the order they are uploaded.

Final, Sign into YouTube
and go down Spelling.

Click on the video you want to download the subtitles for. When the new window appears, select Other features - Translation and transliteration.

YouTube Studio is still in beta, so selecting this option will
take you out of YouTube Studio and into the old page format.

Now click on the language you want to access your subtitles in.

Technically, you can edit subtitles in YouTube, but I am
Please recommend it. I would suggest that you download the text file and
Edit it on your computer.

So click on Act menu and download your favorite subtitle format. DaisiesSRTNormal shaped format is a good one to go.

Edit your subtitles.

Downloading the subtitle file will add a file
computer that you can open with any text editor (like Windows Notepad or
MacOS from TextEdit). Then start searching for errors.

DO NOT change the timestamp unless you really have to
making major changes to text will cause the video to be out of sync. In most
case, it would be a simple case to change small words and add punctuation.

Save the edited subtitle file and now return to the screen
where you have chosen the subtitle file to download. You will see a blue button to
Upload new subtitle files. Choose your preferred language or search for another language
The one if you choose is not there.

Obviously you only need to re-upload subtitles to YouTube if
You intend to keep the video there.

Once you have selected a language, click Upload a file and upload the newly edited subtitle file.

Republish your YouTube video with new subtitles and later
check if it has subtitles then remember to come back
YouTube Studio and change the list from Private to Public so the world can
Watch your craft.

Facebook also has subtitles

Facebook also automatically generated subtitles, but like YouTube, they are not perfect.

Therefore, you can clickEditorInstall on any of your videos and upload a new set of subtitles, possibly subtitles that you have modified from YouTube.

If you're just trying to add subtitles to movies you've downloaded, check out my other post about displaying SRT files in a video player. Enjoy!


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