How to delete Gmail accounts on phones and computers simply

For many of you, a Google account is very important information. This account you can use on Gmail, Youtube, on the phone ... However, for some reason, you want Delete Gmail account, this is fairly simple. And similar to how to create Gmail, how to delete a Gmail account is also very simple. You can easily permanently delete accounts on the device in use. It could be a phone, a computer, a tablet ...

And if you do not know how to delete a Google account, then the content of this article is for you. Do Bao Nam Blog shares with you enough information so you can delete Gmail on your phone, or desktop ... Basically these devices you make will be similar. All are shared in the content below ...

How to delete Gmail account on phone

For those using a phone running iOS or Android, the way to delete the Google account on the phone will be the same. Because nature is Google. And on the phone, Do Bao Nam Blog will be divided into two specific cases as follows:

How to delete gmail account from the phone

That means your account is still available. It's just that you delete your Google account from the phone you are using. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: From a Google app, go to Manage accounts on this device.
Google applications such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Drive, Google map ...

Step 2: Delete the account
After going to the management section, you will see a list of accounts that you have added. With an iOS device, you just need to click delete from this device. With an Android phone, click the account to delete, then select delete account.

How to delete Gmail accounts permanently on the phone

This means that after deleting, you will no longer have that Gmail account. Therefore you need to consider before deleting. If your account has a lot of important information, or it is a YouTube channel account, then you need to consider signing. If you decide to delete, then the steps you follow are the following:

Step 1: From a Google application, you select Manage your Google account.

Step 2: Switch to the Data tab and personalize. You then swipe down, select Delete service or your account.

Step 3: Select the service or account to delete and delete. If you want to delete a Google service, then click Delete a Google service. If you want to permanently delete Gmail, click delete your Google account. Meanwhile, all related accounts will be permanently deleted.

Video sharing how to delete a Google account on your phone

In this video, Do Bao Nam Blog is using an Android phone. Specifically, Vsmart Live - one of the first mobile products of Vingroup. And on other Android phones you do the same thing. For example, Samsung, Bphone, Oppo, Huawei phones ...

How to delete Google account on the computer fastest

This job you do on your computer is very simple. However, before deleting an account, you need to check that the account contains anything important. If you have important information, you should not delete it. And when you've decided to delete, then permanently delete Gmail you do the following:

Step 1: Log into your Google account. You can login to any Google website. For example Or you can log in to Gmail, Youtube ...

Step 2: Click on the avatar for the account, select Manage your Google account.

Step 3: Select Data and personalization, then scroll down. And click on delete your service or account.


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