How to install SSL on Cpanel fully automatically 1 note

Here's how to start checking AutoSSL from your cPanel account.

Log in to your cPanel account and navigate to SSL / TLS status in section Security .

Click the domain (s) you want to install SSL and click Run AutoSSL .

Click the Run AutoSSL button after checking the box next to the domain (s) you want to secure

AutoSSL will take a few minutes to complete. Upon successful completion, the page will update with the success message.

Next cPanel will automatically probe Comodo for the new SSL.

This voting process usually takes several minutes but can take up to a day or more (because there are restrictions on the number of requests that can be made per day).

When it's done, your domain name will be installed with a new valid AutoSSL.

If Automatic Verification is successful, a new SSL Certificate will be installed

If you do not want to wait for your SSL certificate or if you want to authenticate by email or some other method,

If AutoSSL encounters any errors, the page will update with an error message explaining the current issue. In the example below, the domain "1hdtest.tld" does not resolve any IP addresses.

Therefore, its DNS record will need to be updated for AutoSSL to run successfully.
If there is a problem, an Error will be displayed so you can resolve the problem


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