How to make a countdown timer in Powerpoint is the easiest

For many presentations, inserting a countdown timer into a slide makes the slide easier to understand, persuade, and lively. Especially with the teacher lecture slides, or the exercises, quizzes, etc. Create a countdown timer in Powerpoint will help perfect the slide. This job is not difficult, you absolutely can create your own templates. Also, you can use existing templates to insert into your slides.

And in this article, Do Bao Nam Blog will share with you How to make a countdown timer in Powerpoint? Best. This is a very simple way, easy to understand. You only need to see it once to know how. This way, you absolutely can create beautiful styles for watches, create sound effects for watches ... Details of this content you refer to in the video or image below ...

Video sharing how to make a countdown timer in Powerpoint

In this video content, Do Bao Nam Blog will work directly for you to follow. The way that Do Bao Nam Blog shares in the video is very simple. The manipulations were performed themselves at a moderate pace, with clear explanations. Just a few minutes to watch instructions on how to create a countdown timer in the video, you can create your own custom models. You can also add sound to the clock, adjust the style, effects ....


The video was shared on Do Bao Nam Blog. In addition, you can refer to a lot of videos Powerpoint user guide Other on Do Bao Nam Blog or at this website.

Steps to create a countdown timer in Powerpoint details

Basically, Do Bao Nam Blog will be divided into 02 main steps for you to understand. If you use the template already created by the Do Bao Nam Blog, you only need to download the countdown template in the content at the end of the article. If you want to create your own template, just follow these 2 steps:

Step 1: Draw a shape for the clock.

This job is quite simple. And on Do Bao Nam Blog, I shared a video How to draw shapes in Powerpoint. In this video I also mentioned details about drawing cubes. You can draw a clock square, circle ... as you like. Do the following:

How to make a countdown timer in Powerpoint - Step 1 create a clock
First, select the slide to create a clock. Then click on Insert, select Shapes and draw a shape. After drawing, you can adjust the size for the watch.
Enter the number of seconds for the clock
After you've drawn the shape, you need to enter the number of seconds for the clock. And depending on what time you want to create a countdown timer, you enter the corresponding number of seconds. For example, Do Bao Nam Blog creates a countdown of 15 seconds, then here I will enter the 15th second first. Then you adjust the font, font size, font color ... for seconds to display more clearly, more beautiful.
Cloning time clock
You then duplicate the time of the clock for the remaining seconds. For fast duplication, you need to click on the object to duplicate (is the nearest time). Then press Ctrl key on keyboard, click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to move mouse to duplicate. When the cloning arrives, you fix the time there to avoid confusion. And remember, the time object behind must be above the previous object. For example 15 seconds must be at the end. In that order, it is 14-13-12 ... The last time you can rewrite it as END, or TIME ... You can also adjust the color of this object differently from other times.
Align the clock in Powerpoint
Next, you select the entire time object of the clock. Then click Format on the menu. And you choose Align Middle, Align Center to adjust the objects into a position in the middle as the image. (later you can drag the watch to any position)

Step 2: Create a countdown effect for the clock

This is very important when creating a countdown timer in Powerpoint. After you have completed the first step, leave it Create effects in Powerpoint You do the following:

Create Animations effects for countdown timer
First, select the object that you just drew. Then, you click on Animations and choose an effect type. You should choose simple effects, such as the Fade effect.
Set the timer effect of the clock
Then, still in the Animations tab, find the Timing box on the right and set as shown. Duration you enter the shortest time possible, for example 0.01. Select Start as After previous to automatically run the clock. If you want to click on the newly opened clock slide, then you can choose Start as On Click. And finally, you choose Delay as 1 second. And just like that you have created a countdown timer in Powerpoint. You can now watch the demo to see the result.
Create sound effects for the countdown timer in Powerpoint
If you want to create a sound effect for the countdown timer, then still in the Animations tab, click Animation Pane. Then on the right you see the effects for the objects you have created. Right click, select Effect Options.
Insert audio for countdown timer in Powerpoint
When a dialog box appears, select the sound in the Sound section. For example, you can choose a sound named Click. This is an inbuilt audio supported by Powerpoint. You can also insert external audio if desired. And click on OK to finish.

And just with the operation as above, you were self Make a countdown timer in Powerpoint accomplished. If you want the sound to end differently, then at the Animation Pane, you select the final effect, and set a different sound.

How to style the countdown timer in Powerpoint

Adjusting the clock decoration style you can perform right at step 1 or after creating the clock. However, for the simplest, immediately after creating the first time object (in this article is the second image), you can immediately set the style for the clock. Then the next time you just need to duplicate it.

To set the style, simply select the object, then Click Format on the menu. Once there, you will see the Shape Styles box. In this box, you can quickly change the style of the watch. You can also change colors, create borders, or create other effects such as shadows, 3D ...

Download a countdown timer template in beautiful Powerpoint

Below, the Do Bao Nam Blog will share the watch models that the Do Bao Nam Blog has created. At the same time, I will update many other beautiful templates on the Powerpoint file. You just need to follow the steps below to use the watch model:

  • Step 1: Download the watch model at the link below.
  • Step 2: Copy the clock sample to your Powerpoint file.

Download a countdown timer template in Powerpoint


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