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Tinder: A name sure not strange to many young people in Vietnam, many people have found the love of their life through this application platform.

But as you all know, Tinder only has official applications for iOS and Android phones, it does not support any other computer operating system.

This makes it difficult for many brothers to work as a girl, at work, or at home, right? Công

Understand the wishes of many brothers, so in this article I will guide you How to use Tinder on your computer's web browser. Invite you to learn details how to perform in the article below!

#first. Introducing the Link for Tinder utility

Link for Tinder is a free utility for Microsoft Edge with Chromium on Edge Add-ons.

It allows you to access and use the Tinder platform right on Microsoft's Edge Chromium browser without needing a Smartphone.

The user interface is not much different from the mobile platform, so you will not be surprised at all.

The latest version of this utility as of now is 2.4Updated on February 23, 2020, so you can safely use it.


This is an add-on for the Microsoft Edge Chromium web browser, but that doesn't mean you can use it on other Chromium platforms like Chrome, Brave, Yandex ...

Link for Tinder is only released on Microsoft Edge Chromium Add-ons, Opera Add-ons and Firefox Add-ons.

By the way, we were also introduced to the new Microsoft Edge utility market called Edge Add-ons, which is basically the same as the Chrome Web Store, except that it only supports Microsoft Edge.

Although just launched, Edge Add-ons has more than 1000+ extensions and most of the common ones we use are available here.

#2. Tinder user guide right on Windows 10, macOS

+ Step 1: First, if you don't have the Microsoft Edge Chromium web browser, you can go here to download it!

+ Step 2: You access the introduction page of the utility on Edge Add-ons, use the link below and then press the button Get to install this add-on in Edge browser.

=> Select Add extension to confirm the utility installation. In general, the installation steps are no different on other browsers, the same.


+ Step 3: Once installed, the interface of the Tinder utility will automatically open as shown below.

The interface is very similar to Mobile, but in addition, there will be some special tools located at the top of the window, which you can hide by buttons near the bottom of the screen.

To use you will need to login or register a new Tinder account using your phone number or Google account => by clicking the corresponding button.

I will use the phone number for myself, which is the same, because you have to add one of the remaining 2 to the account after all 😀


With the phone number, first you keep the phone code area of ​​Vietnam is +84, if not correct then correct then enter your phone number there => and press Continue to get a confirmation code.

You are assured that if the phone number has been registered, it will send a code for you to login and vice versa, it will send a confirmation code for you to register.


+ Step 4: Please enter the correct 6-digit verification code that Tinder sends you into the 6 empty fields on the screen, this verification code has no expiration time so do not rush. Enter finished, click on the button Continue to the next step.


+ Step 5: We will then need to add an email to facilitate our login, as well as recover the password if unfortunately later forgotten.

Now enter your email here => and click Continue to the next step.


+ Step 6: The next step, you will have to enter personal information such as Name, Gender, Date of birth, ... things. You guys can do this on your own so I won't guide you anymore.

Finally, you choose a picture that you want, so choose a handsome photo, a little girl, then people will be impressed when looking through your personal page, since then there are people who love u =)))

=> And then press Sign Up to complete the account creation process on


The first time you use it, you'll need to give the app permission to use your device's Location, the purpose of which is to find other users near you, making it easier to get used to and date if possible.

You click the button Allow in the middle of the screen, one Pop-up confirmation appears => then you press Allow again to agree.

And remember not to turn off the service Location on Windows 10 and macOS, it's just forcing you to read the FAQ, how to enable Location on mobile without instructions on the computer.

In addition, it also requires you to allow notifications, but it is up to you so I do not guide anymore.


After completing the above steps, the familiar user interface of Tinder on the phone appears again. Now you can work and surf Tinder as usual.


# 3. Epilogue

So I have just taught you how to Install and use Vebuu on Windows and macOS computers Okay, but for Linux operating systems, it is a little unfortunately not used.

Hopefully this article will help you to be able to work and have fun at the same time, good luck escaping from the FA life =)) Just kidding, working out - playing out will be effective. 😀

If you find it interesting, don't forget to share this article for me. I wish you effective work, safe entertainment during the translation!

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